Louis Vuitton Selfridgespoor quality top louis vuitton

A Aug 13, 2018

Hi! My son purchased a polo top in the selfridges store... It was dry cleaned according to label instructions. However it still shrank! Returned to the store who apparently sent it off for testing and then was informed the item was not faulty and must be dry cleaners at fault. Since then i've managed to re-stretch the top (not perfect but wearable) however was worried about dry cleaning again so I hand washed in cold water! Shrank back by over an inch!!! Since I rectified the top, two of my sons friends came forward asking if i'd stretch their tops too, as theirs had also shrunk! All the same tops! This is definitely a product fault but customer service is not budging!!

poor quality top louis vuitton
poor quality top louis vuitton

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