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M Aug 01, 2018

While on vacation in Kiln, Germany, I had the unfortunate opportunity to visit a Louis Vuitton store.
My family and I had saved for this trip for the last 2 years in order to be able to purchase a Louis Vuitton bag for myself and also a set of luggage and a couple of belts for my teenage Sons.
There was 6 of us and our party and we were not one time assisted by anyone in the store.
There was about 8 other people in the store which were all Asians and we're being assisted.
My daughter picked up a wallet and looked at it and put it back and at this time and a Louis Vuitton associate approached her and told her that she was not allowed to touch any of the merchandise she needed to wait and have someone assist her.
There were Associates in the store that were standing and not assisting us and we have been in the store approximately 15 minutes no one said anything the only person that spoke to us was the one associate who said something to my daughter and the nice gentleman who opened the door to let us in which he was security.
My whole purpose for visiting Louis Vuitton was because I wanted to make a purchase I had been saving money for a couple of years for this specific purpose.
I've always been impressed with Louis Vuitton but not anymore Louis Vuitton is not on my list of things to purchase again during my lifetime.
I never thought that I would be from the United States and in another country and still feel indifferent.
I am definitely disappointed with Louis Vuitton.
I am ugly disgusted that my 15 year old children and my daughter son-in-law and my son-in-law's mother had to endure this type of treatment
I would hope that Louis Vuitton would have some type of training classes for these individuals who are nasty and rude or just not employ them.
I work very hard for the last couple of years in order to save $10, 000 just to shop at this store.
Louis Vuitton was always the purse the luggage the name... I absolutely loved Louis Vuitton
Hopefully other will NOT be treated the way we were.

Marie R Wesley

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