L'Oreall'oreal excellence creme 5g medium golden brown


For the second time I have colored my hair with the product above.
I followed all directions carefully and have used L'Oreal hair dyes for several years without a problem.
This package is not correctly labeled. Both times I have purchased this exact product from a local Walgreen's store, it's been mislabeled.
According to your hair color chart online, my hair is brilliant brunette, medium ash brown. After using the product, my hair color is radiant red, medium red brown and looks so unnatural, I look like I received a bad dye job at a cheap salon.
I have purchased L'Oreal products for several years and never had this problem.
I am very unhappy I cannot count on your color sample at the top of the box matching the color label on the front of the box.

I will not purchase a L'Oreal Excellence product again.
Where is the quality control?

The embossed stamp is 70P500.

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