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Complaints & Reviews

hair loss

Two days after using their product, following instructions provided, I began to experience all over hair loss.

wrong color

For many years I have used the shades in the Natural Blond colors. I recently used Color 9 Natural Blond. When I mixed the color, I noticed that it was a dark red but didn't think much about it because I know you are always improving your products.

However, to my surprised the color turned out to be a horrible dark ash red color. It was a late Saturday and was unable to call a beauty shop. Since I was joining a new church on Sunday, I knew I had to do something fast. So I had my husband run out and buy Loreal 10Natural Blond. When I mixed this color, the dye was blond which is what the first product should have been. I have extremely thin hair and my hair is very fragile.

I have kept the product and would like to have it analyzed. I have checked the bottle labels and the labels are correct, however I am questioning if perhaps the label was put on the wrong bottle? I would also like to know if there is some place I can send this product to a chemist?

I think this is very serious and I know what it is like to lose your hair because I am a cancer survivor. This needs to be looked into and I would appreciate hearing from you.

Evelyn G. Bradley

  • Nc
    Ncraig Jun 20, 2013

    Wow what you wrote sounds like what happen to me last night. I have used Natural Blond colors from L'oreal for many years and last night when I went to do my hair with 9 NB the mixture was dark.. Almost didn't do it (and wish I hadn't), but even on the box it said "NEW" so I thought ok they changed the formula. Well today I don't know what color you would call my hair but it is not NATURAL BLOND. I am going try to redo it with 9 1/2 NB..Lightest Natural Blond. Can you tell me if you heard anything from L'oreal? I am also going to go on their site and put in a complaint.

    [email protected]

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false information

I colored my hair with L'oreal's Castings Creme Glos hair color. The package says: "Lasts 6-8 weeks".
I noticed that it doesn't come out of my hair. Then I called L'oreal's customer services and they confirmed it: It is a permanent hair dye.

Now I have ugly hair and nasty looking roots and it takes about five years to grow my own hair color back.

I think L'oreal has lied to me. And it just makes me sick how some people at message boards give good reviews to this cheating hair dye (I wonder who pays them to do so).

  • Mp
    MPayne Jan 03, 2010

    I purchased Loreal Feria B61 Hi-Lift Brown and applied it this afternoon, I am very disappointed in this product, my hair color is orginally dark brown, which is what the product is for, it did not look anything like the "after" picture, as a matter of fact you can not even tell I dyed it, since I have super long hair I had to buy 2 boxes and I am out $20
    now. I have used Loreal hair color in the past and had no problems, but now I damaged my hair for no reason, It did lighten my top roots a slight reddish brown?? The picture on the box looks like a very light brown almost blonde-- Do Not buy this--

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fooling people through their offer

We want to tell all of you that if there is any offer from Loreal for using their products or getting hair cuts or any other facilities in their beauty parlors, don’t except it.
We had a salesman from Looks Beauty Parlor, Prashant Vihar. He gave us a card of Loreal and told us a huge amount of facilities we can avail for free like hair cut, facial, pedicure, bleach etc. He did not tell us any condition in the use of the card and took Rs. 500 for this offer.
When we went to the parlor, we were told that we will have to use one paid service and then only can we avail any free service. This case is not only with me but with many of the people who availed this offer.
It’s a shame for a company like Loreal to sell its products in this manner by cheating people. We recommend you to reject any such offer that loreal gives by their beauty parlor

clogged pores

I recently purchased L'Oreal Revitalift Complete. This product completely clogged the pores around my nose, down the labial folds between my nose and mouth, under my nose and on on my chin. I am still trying to get these pores unplugged. I can't believe that this happened! I've always had more faith in L'oreal products.

I also purchased the mascara that is hawked by the woman from Desperate Housewifes. How many pairs of false eyelashes did you have on her? I don't care for this product either. My eyelashes look like spider legs...certainly not full like the full lashes that your product promises. Seriously, whatever happened to truth in advertising?

Between these 2 items, I wasted abaout $26. Ridiculous!!

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flakes when applied

i bought the loreal dual lipstick a few days ago from boots at livingstonwest lothian i followed the instructions, but whenever i apply the lipstick, leave it a few mins then apply the gloss it flakes all the time it looks like flakey paint, i find that quite unacceptable as the dual case lipstick was not cheap to buy, unfortunately i did not keep the reciept so the boots wont take it back, i feel the actual lipstick is not right cosmetically and would like yous to know that the product is imperfect.i buy a lot of loreal products and this is the first time i have experienced anything like this before.

  • Mi
    mistress Dec 02, 2009

    I bought two of these on offer the other week and the same happened to me so I sent it back to L'oreal. I was basically told it was my fault for storing it incorrectly as the product was well within a year of manufacturing. I was offered a refund or replacement but I asked for some mineral make-up that I use regularly. I was told I could only have one because it was more expensive than the lipstick until she back tracked when my voice changed to one of disapproval and she offered me two! This product is not right and I wish they would have listened to me and tried the lipstick on their lips before assuming I was complaining for the sake of it!

    -1 Votes
  • Ja
    JacklinTan Mar 25, 2012

    I have problems with using the Loreal Brand lipstick. My lips will feel very tight the next day and then followed by lips cracking and bleeding the following days. I have tried a few times applying Loreal lipstick and the same lips issue just took place.
    I am very unhappy with Loreal products.

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mascara is dried out

I bought Loreal's eyelash mascara tubes and when I got home I was try to see if it really worked and I opened it up I put the base coat on and it worked great but when I went to put the mascara tubes on my lashes the mascara was so dry that it wouldn't even coat the brush to apply the mascara. I had to use my old mascara to cover the base coat. So you tell me what I need to do. Do I return the product from the place I bought it or will Loreal send me a replacement? If you could get back to me about this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time and response. Tara Hamblen
E- mail address is [protected]@yahoo.com

  • Ad
    Adrianne Mack-Rhodes Mar 20, 2011

    I agree. I have gotten it lateley and it has been dried out, but I have a more serious complaint. I wear contact lenses and my eyes have been very irritated lately. I stopped wearing them and went to the eye doctor but he could find noothing wrong. I then discovered as soon as I begin applying the "Voluminous Mascara" my eyes start burning. I am NOT getting it in my eyes but evidently there is a new ingredient in the mascara, and when I begin applying it to my eyelashes I get a burning sensation, almost as though the fumes are burning my eyes, so now and I am forced to switch to another manufacturer. Does anyone else have this problem?

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distributor neglect

We were appointed distributors (Super Dealer) for the Companys products in Feb 08 as the previous dealer left work.The Company employees after making me invest a huge amount in their inventory and promotion of sales just dumped me on refusal to meet their demands ranging from backdating of invoices, selling on credit against company policy, working on the last moments before closing etc, The higher ups seem to be aware of the situation but have avoided to correct the malpractises.Now goods worth five lacs and claims worth one lac approx are pending for the last 3 months but nobody seems to bother.The Co.sales team has a bad reputation of doing primary sales and not working on the secondaries.At a time when good Companies are looking for good distributors and partners this Company seems to have no concern for its Brand Value or ethics.

  • Po
    Porush jain May 23, 2009

    I agree loreal is loosing out on it brand value and emerging as a company with no ethics.
    A salesman sold me a package for 500/- giving wrong information for loreal branded saloon "Awesome Sec 18 Noida " . Not honoring the package they have also refused to pay back . With the foul language their sales executive used some Mr Hasim from dream advertising i dont see loreal India gaining any brand equity in India.

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  • Ej
    eji23oj Feb 08, 2011

    loreal saloons have opened all over india with big banners of the company name, because of which people like me dont need to think and enter, but i realised that the rates are high because ofcourse its "a BRAND" BUT SOON U ALSO REALISE THAT THE PRODUCTS THAT THEY USE ARE EITHER LOCAL OR CHINESE MADE.

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terrible experience

Loreal puts false claims (Accompanied with pictures of models) on their products! My hair turned really really black! It also has uneven tone - the roots are much lighter (Although I don't have roots, since I don't have gray hair yet!) the ends are really really dark black!! Instead of light brown!!

I tried to die it again with a lighter color - it didn't work either!! I am stuck with it, don't know what to do!!! I will never buy their products and wanted to warn everybody about this!

The lady at the cosmetics counter at cvs told me this is pretty common in loreal products!!

  • Lu
    luciane bittencourt Jul 10, 2009

    X tenso Loreal
    Two weeks ago, I went in a salon with the brand LOREAL and asked and talked with the professional that told me all his history about working with L’Oreal brand. He is American and because this was easier for me explain that I would like to do a straightening in my hair (I am Brazilian, living in Thailand as an expatriate). He said to me that he could use an excellent product on my hair, and I believed totally in his words... but, for my surprise, since that sad day, I am losing my hair. My hair is all breaking in the root on the top of my head!!! And also for many parts for all my head!
    Sincerely I hope more from L’Oreal, I hope some kind of contact with this big and renamed company, because the "professional" said to me that never happening with him, that it is very strange and I had to pay for a protein treatment! I am losing my hair, day after day and I am in panic!
    I am waiting a contact as soon as possible!
    I would like to receive some guidance to how do a treatment for my hear and the products to do it.

    The salon that I unhappily went is -
    4th floor Central Pattaya Beach Road, Room No 442


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  • He
    Helen Borella Feb 28, 2010

    I only use infallible lipstick by loreal. It does what it says, it lasts all day. It is great because i hate to reapply my lipstick. I ran out of my favorite color and the only color that I use. It is number 700 auburn, so I went to walmart to purchase another one and they did not have my color.They did not even have a slot for the number 700 color I use. So I thought it was discontinued. I had to then change my color, I was not happy. I had my empty lipstick with me so I would get the right one. I started comparing colors and found one that was darker by what is shown on the out side, I picked number 220 terra cotta. It was not darker it actually was lighter then #700 and I hate the color. Now I spent the money on that and used it so you can't return it. I then went to cvs and found my color #700 and bought it but now I have a lipstick that I wasted my money on.

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  • Ma
    mascaramaddness Jan 18, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently bought this mascara from walmart 01/02/12 and when I opened the package and tried the mascara it was nice but three days later the mascara began to flak off through out the day. By the evening or afternoon I would have to apply more which then flaking was even worse. I tried to take it back to walmart but because i had already open the package and used the mascara they wouldnt refund my money. I would like to be refunded my money. For what I pay for mascara yeah I want to be refunded.

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  • Ms
    mshumph Jul 26, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I normally do not purchase drugstore lipstick. However, I was very curious about the Infallible lipstick by L'Oreal. So, yesterday I purchased a color at CVS.
    When I arrived home, I excitedly removed the lipstick from my bag of goodies. I automatically started twisting the top of the lipstick to remove the seal. What! There was no seal. The lipstick was open for anyone's immediate use. This concerned me because CVS's lipsticks are accessible to everyone. So, I thought perhaps I had a returned one that was inadvertently returned to the shelf. So, I called CVS. I was advised by them that their lipsticks are rarely sealed. My goodness! So, wherever I purchase this lipstick, it will be unsealed? If I find it online and purchase it, it will arrive unsealed??? Isn't there a health law against this? Come on! Anyone can open these containers and put anything in these lipstick tubes. Anyone can put this on their lips and transfer a disease. There is no way I am putting this stuff on my lips.

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  • An
    Annv Awon Pantin May 12, 2014

    I live in Trinidad & Tobago, and I usually use the L'OREAL Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color 8G - Golden Vanilla. I never had any complaint, but today I used it, and my hair turned brown, which I hate. I shall have to consider using this product in the future, because it is not consistent. What redress do I have in the circumstances??? Bleaching it out is out of the question.

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does not stay, it washes out!

I have been using Loreal Feria Hair Colour for the last 8 months, everytime I wash my hair the color comes out and I end up staining my towels. I used the Deep red for 8 months and then decided to use the black Loreal Feria Hair Colour and well it does exactly the same, I wash my hair every second day and everytime I wash the color comes out. On the box of Loreal Feria it states and I quote, "this color will not fade or wash out, it will grow out."

Well this statement is completely untrue, after having the hair color for 2 weeks after coloring it has completely washed out. I have now completely stopped using Loreal products as I believe it to be a waste of money. I am now using Garnier 100% color and I am satisfied.

I still have a box of Loreal Feria Hair color in black due to the fact that the shop where I bought it from will not exchange it for me.

  • Ki
    kittycat081 Jun 24, 2011

    after using slightly cheaper products without complaint for several years (clairol & garnier products), one day i randomly decided to "upgrade" to a more expensive brand. i picked feria in black. about $10 versus $7. anyway. something was wrong with the hair dye, it was really thin and runny, and ran all down my face and neck after applying only a little bit of it. that has never happened to me before. i had to stop because there was no way i could dye my hair with that product. wasted a bottle of dye.

    a week or so later went by before i went back to the store and decided to try again. i had forgotten what brand it was i used last and, again thinking i should try a more expensive brand, inadvertently selected feria again after deciding i liked how that shade of black looked.

    there was no problem with the consistency of the product. however, it then proceeded not only to dye an inch of my roots BRIGHT RED, it also didn't cover my greys AND it totally fried my hair. completely killed all of it. my hair has now gone from being soft and silky to being coarse and brittle. a hairdresser friend told me my hair is actually all dead now. oh, and also, it claims to be a permanent product, but it's not. for the next two weeks it came out every day in the shower until all i had left was dead brownish hair with bright red roots and my greys showing.

    so basically, this is the worst hair product i've ever used. multifaceted and long-lasting, my ###. i have used much cheaper brands when i was younger (like the $3 brand on the shelves, i forget the name of it now) that left better results than this overpriced chemical garbage. i'm not sure how this brand continues to be one of the more expensive ones when it dyes your hair the completely wrong color, kills it all, washes out, and leaves your hair dull and lifeless.

    needless to say i switched right back to my usual brand and am now just waiting for all the dead hair to grow out more so i can cut it off.

    i still can't believe how using BLACK hair dye left me with a head full of bright red roots. don't buy this product!

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  • Sa
    SamandMe123 Mar 24, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been buying Loreal Excellence for at least 20 years.

    Their product, in the last year, definitely washes out even if you are healthy, no drugs or scripts. When I say washes out, I mean after the first wash (even if you don't wash for five days..and who wants to live like that).
    My mother is a retired hairdresser, thus we know what we are doing. I leave the product on for 55 minutes because I have grey hair at the roots, it looks lovely until the first wash.

    Certainly LOreal is playing some sort of game, so that the color washes out more rapidly, thus the need to do your haircolor more often. Nice little game on their part, so that they make millions more than last year. I'll bet that their salesgirls don't use L'Oreal on their own hair.

    I believe that a class action suit is in order, does anyone know a good class action lawyer?


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  • So
    Soulina Phaengkhamhak Sep 07, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same problem as well with that Feria hair dye kit, and I had the burgundy color. It looked fine when I first washed and dried it after the dyeing process. I thought the color was color was pretty good. I usually wash my hair every other day, so when It came to washing, the water was like a brownish/red color and I was so confused. I forgot to used the given hair conditioner, so that's what I thought was the problem. Another couple days have passed, and I washed it once again, so I used the provided conditioner. AGAIN, the water was that brownish/red. This was my first time using the Feria line of dyes and I'm definitely not buying it again.

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  • De
    Deborah 1952 Jan 04, 2020

    I've used Feria over three years now and never had a problem
    Yes, it does lose it's high color, but still covers the grey with an attractive shade until two months and then the grey grows back in.

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does not cover grey

I have tried Casting Creme Gloss Butterscotch twice. Does not cover grey at all and once the color did not...