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Dear Sir/Madam,
I am really sad because my Hydra Genius pump has stopped pumping, with half of the product still in the bottle, which I can't get at! I bought the bottle of Hydra Genius in Boots in Gatwick in May this year, and I really love it and have been using it every morning. Suddenly this last weekend ( October 7th), when I tried the pump, it would not press down. I have tried repeatedly to fix the pump action and get the product out, but it won't work. If I pull it up to the top and press down hard, I get a tiny squirt, but not enough, and it is very unsatisfactory and impossible to really use. I am really sad, as I love the product and want to keep on using it! I was also going to buy a bottle for my 15 year old daughter who loves it, but I am not so sure if the pump is prone to not working - but I will give it another go, if you can replace this one. I would most appreciate a replacement bottle, or a voucher to spend in Boots to buy another bottle. If you were able to send me a replacement or a voucher, my address is Ella Berthoud, East House, 110 Cuckfield Road, West Sussex, BN69RZ. I am adding a photo. All the best, Ella Berthoud



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      Jan 26, 2019

    Have the same issue! Love the product but I accidentally dropped it after two weeks of using it, the bottle was intact but the pump stopped working. And the cap is impossible to remove to at least get the contents out/transfer it to another container!

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