L'Orealelling duplicate products


This complaint against the retailer named (Lal & co mall road shimla), this whole shop is filled with duplicate products of matrix, garnier loreal. I only use the loreal professional shampoo and used to buy it from beauty salons in shimla but once I purchased it from this shop, I got a serious hair problem and got rashes in my skin. The fragrance and colour of the shampoo was totally different from the original one. I went to that shop regarding this complaint and ask for the bill, they told me to get out of the shop and said that my son is advocate and you cant do anything. Its a humble request to loreal india pvt ltd to take some action against this shop and should protect there brand value.


  • Ab
    [email protected] Aug 18, 2012

    The same has happen to me when i have purchased a matrix biolage shampoo it was also duplicate.

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  • Ne
    nehacute Mar 24, 2014

    How to find out duplicate loreal products? These days its been a great issue!!

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  • Dr
    Drishti p Apr 10, 2017

    I ordered loreal straightening chemical and neutraliser for straightening hair but it didnt work. Please help how to recognise original and duplicate products

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  • Os
    oshin May 15, 2017

    which is the original contry made by this products? there are so many brands in made in by different different countries

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