L'Orealdangerous lid on product


I used the Damage Erasing Balm and like most people I wanted to get all the product out of the top. When I used my figure, the edges on the top were so sharp that I cut my finger and since I'm on blood thinners, my finge bled for hours, even using New Skin to try and stop the bleeding. This is dangerous and should be fixed!


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    redhatterb71 Mar 18, 2014

    I'm also on blood thinners and have never had a cut that bled for hours. Yes, they have bled for a longer period of time than they normally would., but not for hours. I think you are exaggerating a quite a bit about that. In order to avoid cuts, maybe you should pay attention to what you are doing. I looked the product up online and to me the lid doesnt' look like it should have any more than a drop of product in it and it also doesn't look deep enough that you would have to stick your finger that far into the lid. You did state the lid, not the jar.

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    Don Tarr Mar 18, 2014

    How have you lived this long? Please, don't go near a kitchen, or a trash can. And don't stick you finger in anything sharper than your nose.

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    monikajindal Nov 03, 2016

    loreal is a very bad company and have done same with me in hair fall shampoo. don't use its products

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