L'Orealallergic reaction - missed 2 days work


I purchased & wore l'oreal's "carbon black lineur intense" 'brush tip liquid eyeliner' on a saturday night. The eye-liner looked great for the night, then I went home, took off my make-up and went to bed. Well all day sunday, monday and tuesday my eyelids were soo swollen I could barely see. It cost me 2 days of work, at $260 per day. Like l'oreal is going to compensate me voluntarily!!! Maybe if I sued them, or started a class action suit, but they won't help the little working gal, or even say sorry.


  • Xe
    XenoMiang Jun 13, 2012

    Generally if you try a new makeup product, regardless if you've used something by them before, companies encourage you to do an allergy test in an inconspicuous part of your body. I know, I don't do it either, but L'Oreal isn't going to take fault because you were allergic to their product.

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  • Kr
    krupa dalal Jan 12, 2015

    I bought a product of l'oreal which is newly introduced white perfect day cream
    But it turned out to be disastrous. My skin has got all rashes and acne. Kindly compensate for the same.

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