LongHorn SteakhouseService/ Wrong Order

T Aug 07, 2018

On Friday 7/27/18 @ 6pm I took two out of town family members and my husband and I to our local Longhorn steakhouse (2400 N Monroe Street Tallahassee, Florida 32303) The waitress we had was just unbelievably incompetant she never once brought us a drink refill (we had to ask another waitress) neither did she take away any dirty dishes, menus ect. We were in a smaller booth do it was really overwhelming trying to eat. When she finally brought our salads she forgot to leave off onions which we requested and one person's salad dressing. Snyder was so long bringing the salads that poor meal came shortly after. Then I noticed my steak was a sirloin and not the ribery I had requested. I was so frustrated at this point and didn't want to ruin the time with my family I just ate some of it. I did call a manager but he seemed to not have time for us because so many things were going wrong this night, our waitress had just dropped a whole tray of drinks on someone. I personally think she was stoned and my family agrees. I spent over $150.00 this night for lousy lousy food and worse service!

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