Long Island Rail Road [LIRR]cleaning worker

T Nov 22, 2019

Today, 11/22/19 @ approximately 6:55 am, I had an incident with a LIRR worker. (picture is attached). Recently this worker has been tasked with cleaning the waiting room located on track 4 & 5 at the Jamaica Station. Although it has been cold, he routinely leaves both of the doors open in the waiting room, while he cleans the windows. Today, I arrived while he was cleaning the OUTSIDE windows, by the tracks, and still saw that both of the doors were open. I closed the door closest to to me since it was cold and windy, while the other door nearest to him remained open. Although, this wouldn't eliminate the waiting room from being cold, it do help to alleviate the issue. He turned and saw that the door was closed and came to open the door, stating "leave it open" and returned to work OUTSIDE the waiting room again. Prior to his leaving, i told him that we are cold and why do he have to leave the door open. I did close back the door while he went back to cleaning the window. He came and opened the door again and informed me that he had the right to leave it open while he is cleaning. I do agree that the waiting room is provided by LIRR for ticketed passengers and do control the use. However, I see all the other cleaners doing their job and not going out of their way just to cause discomfort for passengers. Despite alerting him that it is cold and windy, he refuse to close the door. This has been his routine for at least the past 2 weeks. He told me that if i am cold stand in the middle of the waiting room. So i guess all of us have to stand in the middle. I was standing by the heating lamp that is located in the waiting room. As colder weather is approaching, I am concerned that he will continue his bullying tactic and leaving the doors open just because "he can". The waiting room on track 4 & 5 never had this issue, until he started cleaning it.

Long Island Rail Road [LIRR]

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