Long Island Rail Road [LIRR]7:49 train to penn this morning

I Sep 11, 2018

I commute everyday to work, I take Rosedale train to Penn daily and then take train down town to Fulton for work.
I tried the Atlantic Terminal Ticket to save money and to see how it works.
I bought it yesterday. This am when i woke up i rush to take my regular train that i normally take. I jump on the 7:49 express train to Penn, not realizing i was suppose to start a new route.
So when i show train guy ticket he said i could not use this on the train. I explained to him what happened and he said I need to pay $10.25 . I already had a weekly ticket, why would i need to pay full price, i would have at least to pay a step up charge, but he bullied me, to pay, for ticket standing over me, not understanding or not wanting to understand the situation. I take LIRR everyday, not only the train was super late, he could not even be sensitive to fact i already paid for my weekly ticket.. I dont think it was right, i had to pay full fare for this. I felt really bullied and did not want to make a scene like i didn't have $10.25 to pay which im sure that probably what he thought. Very upsetting to get treat like this, LIRR service although is much need much service has be sub par, and to have workers with that type of non compassion on non common sense or non common courtesy.

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