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London Weight Managementpushy sales consultants

I've signed up for a slimming package of rm3k at London Weight Management, Empire Subang, to lose weight for my wedding. The sales consultant there was very pushy and pushed me to signed up for various types of packages. So indeed I've signed up for their hot blanket treatment for another rm1k of 10 sessions. Then, they starts to push for their coffee which consist of caffeine and some specific types of L-carnitine. They pushed me to buy each time I went for their slimming treatment and I declined politely everytime. They blamed their slimming treatment not working as I am not consuming their coffee. Today, I went for the 5th treatment and a sales consultant named Gillian pushed me to buy their coffee again and this time when I declined her, she redicule me with my body size. I find this unacceptable and unprofessional. There should be a body or rules and regulations to regulate these slimming centers.


  • Ly
    Lynette CC Jul 23, 2018

    Not sure if anyone else had a reaction to the ampoules but my skin burned, turned angry red with rash although I was told beforehand they are perfectly safe, do not cause any harm or burn to the skin. That aside, it was an uncomfortable experience throughout the session mainly due to the pushy sales lady who doesn't bat an eyelid when I informed her about my skin reaction to their product while she continue to maintain that it is normal and enquiring how many sessions I would like to sign up for. Yes, my consultant queried non-stop about my credit cards. DO NOT DIVULGE and do not feel obligated to say No!

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  • Ce
    Celeste MNG Jun 06, 2016
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    Verified customer

    WTF, i'm really angry when they see my body detox package running low & keep asking me to take another sessions to pair with my newly signed up Divine Energy Treatment (cupping) & the no# of sessions they wanna me to signed up is the same no# to pair with the cupping. Of course I don't want, & u guys think I'm printing money machine or wat. They keep on telling me is a waste if im only do cupping n dont pair with body detox. Hello, when yr pushing me for the cupping program tat time yr telling me how good it is...after buying your start telling me how not good it is... Also, yr giving excuses tat the previous consultant didn't told me tat the cupping hv to pair with the body detox package. (Hello, tat day yr GM is here too)
    Tat means i hv to clarify with the GM⁇ Y selling me these rubbish package⁇
    Now, i go treatment once your mentioned to me once... please tell yr staff stop this if not i will juz couldn't stop myself to do free awareness campaign for London Weight Management. Tell yr staff clearly not to do or never think of to do anything like this unless they oso hate London Weight Management very much.

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  • Di
    Distressed_Girl Dec 07, 2015

    I signed up for their slimming package sometime in July 2015 at LWM Novena. At first they say if I signed up for this package, I should be able to see results at the end of the package.

    But after 2 treatments, they started saying I need to top-up for detox treatments.. And subsequently - top-up for ampoules.. The latest hoax is to top-up for machine treatment to burn my fats. If in the first place the first package is INEFFECTIVE, then why would they want to over-promise to say that it will work?! Its only after I signed up for the first, they pushed me the second to say the first and second must go hand in hand blah. Then afterwards, I got duped to top-up for ampoules because the first and second treatments are equally useless.


    I am submitting my complaint to CASE and pray I will get a refund (a total of SGD12k+) ASAP! I have discontinued all treatments at the disgusting place since October as the staff would hardsell me everytime I visit there - and the package pricing quoted EXCLUDES the GST which is against the GST guidlines imposed by IRAS (ref: And amazingly everytime I visit they have discount coupons. So whenever I refuse to top-up, they will give discount / promo... After falling for the trick twice, I learnt to ignore them but they still continued to hardsell, criticising how fat and ugly I look if I do not top-up.

    So for those who are tempted to sign up with LWM, please THINK THRICE. You will end up spending over SGD10k for NOTHING but hardselling! Its never-ending until you decide to forfeit the rest of your treatments there.

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  • Me
    menyesal Oct 13, 2015

    yes totally agree LWM is not pro enough keep pushing. my advise stay strong to yrself if do not want it. In this world where got free trial once u try u will be trap...

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  • Ja
    Janet100 Sep 20, 2013

    Hi, allow me to share my recent experience with LWM too...

    It happened last month: I got this free voucher and I called to book an appointment at LWM The Mines. When I reached there I got someone assigned to me and they brought me to a room, asking to fill in some details such as eating habit and lifestyle. Up till this point it was rather OK, although I have to wait for some time for them to bring me the form. Then with my details the lady started telling about her packages, and yes, she asked me to take off my clothes, and keep pointing at the saggy fats at my thighs... then, selling packages again, until I say: sorry I have not tried any of your treatments yet and it is not possible for me to sign anything. Then she switch to the whole-life membership thing which gives you discounts to all packages you sign with them, and even if you don't sign anything, you can still come over for free steam bath whenever you feel like doing so, and you get free treatment every year during your birthday month. Plus, the free treatment I will be getting is not intensive enough for my stubborn fats and if I sign the membership, I will have additional slimming ampule worth some hundreds, Free!

    The membership worth RM 500, and I somehow felt worth it since I can get free treatment every year, so... I said OK and passed my credit card to the lady. She took it out to the counter and while talking, she lead me to start my session.

    Well, now I recall back and I feel the whole session is just about making you sweat as much as possible so you temporarily loose some weight. I started with steam bath (~15 mins?) -> got a towel to wipe off the sweat -> wait -> apply ampule, ginger scrub then Hot blanket (steam again) -> took a shower -> wait -> up to bed for a machine that sort of gives off vibration to move muscles and break down fat. And yes, photos and body measurement were taken before, and after the treatment. Other thing is, the consultant keep changing throughout the session - I got a different person wrapping me for hot blanket session and another person again for the machine treatment.

    Coming out from the room exhausted, I was given a cup of water and asked to wait for the consultant. I waited for ~10 mins then I went out asking, Hey, is there anyone for me? Then only the initial consultant showed up.

    Owww... package selling time again... the first one she introduced was a 40-sessions slimming with ampules worth some RM 10, 000 and of course, I say hell no, I have just started working and won't have that much! Then another package worth some RM 7, 000 got introduced while she keeps asking how much I can possibly pay. At the end the package gets down to ~RM 5, 000 to as low as RM 2, 000 while she keeps saying I can get additional discount on the package if sign up today, since previously I have signed for the membership. Then finally I just felt very annoyed and tired and tell her, today I aim for that free trial only and that my credit card also won't allow that amount. She doesn't believe me and insists to try and swipe my credit card... End up I allowed because I was pretty sure my credit card with that purposely lowered credit just won't allow that much. Finally after she tested, she bring in a receipt for me to sign. RM 500, that's the membership cost (which, that time I felt so reluctant to sign but I can't just walk out because I have "utilize" it (that slimming ampule)). I signed, got a little goodie (finger-long slimming cream which is the free gift as stated in my voucher), then walk off.

    Well then, story hasn't end yet: A month later, 15th September morning when I got my credit card bill, I found 2x RM 500 from LWM credited!!! I was shocked and I called my credit card center. They have confirmed this is no mistake and my card has indeed swiped twice. I have no choice but to wait until 11 pm (LWM working hour) to call them. Then only I found out the additional RM 500 is for coffee + 5 times slimming sessions! Gosh, that time when I walked out they did not give me any coffee, no official receipt saying package purchased, nor making next appointment, how come suddenly I have "signed" a package?? I though those packages we have spoken last month should have all void because of my credit card's limit! And even if I have indeed "bought" something, what kind of lousy service/follow up is that, that they didn't even contact me for appointment in the whole month? and where is my coffee? Everything just doesn't make sense at all!! I truly feel i'm CHEATED! For me they sort of want to "cover" up that additional "purchase" only and just want the money from me.

    I requested for refund via phone but the person said need to go through HQ, despite claiming they have all the cctvs and that I signed the credit card receipt so I should have agreed with the package and so on (by the way I remembered I have only signed once, for the membership. Again, I had no appointment made, no official company receipt given on the package and no coffee given)... I kept arguing with the person because I strongly feel the whole thing is a scam!

    If anyone working at that branch sees this, they should know my identity. I don't think I am wrong for writing this as this is my personal experience with LWM, and what I remembered after a month having treatment over there.

    Back too the refund issue, the person dragged my request by saying "it is public holiday", "I need to refer to my boss on the refund but bosses are having meetings at HQ", etc.. until today after I SMS to remind about following up with me, then she message back, saying they can proceed with the refund but the process will take about a week, and will call me to collect payment once it is done... I was a bit relieved that time because I finally sees a light to end this fuss. But now after reading Denise's post, I am worry on how they are going to refund the money... Let's see how it turns out next week. Anyhow, I am determined not to let them go easily and if they are not giving me a satisfactory result, I am ready to take this to the police, and the kpdnkk. Even though RM 500 isn't very big but the act of cheating consumers is utterly unforgivable!

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  • De
    DeniseChin Sep 20, 2013


    I got deceived by them in The Mines branch. The pushy consultant pushed me signed up few packages and told me to apply credit card so that I could pay in 36 months instalment with affordable amount and I will get my card in two weeks, I urged the consultant to confirm about that few times but she was so assured to me after checking with her colleague. Then, I have agreed and signed up as well as applied for the credit card like what the consultant suggested to me via them - LWM.

    However, I have waited for the cards for two months instead of two weeks. When I got my card and went to make payment mode change, the branch manager told me there is no 36 months for the bank I applied my credit card. I feel really shocked and angry, how could them acted so unprofessional and caused customer wasted their money on interest and time like that? Then I requested for cancellation of my packages, but they were trained to lie to customer that they cannot do that. At that time, one of the package not yet activated still able to cancel but they want to dragged time by telling you cannot cancel, no such case happened before, we do not know how to do that... etc. Don't believe them, they lie!

    After that I wrote to their FB for refund, then their specialist called me and met me in branch. LWM represented specialist told me there is no cancellation is allowed, if really want refund they have to close my file and price will be charged in ala-carted price. I feel it is fair for them to charge in ala-carte price for the new packages I had purchased.

    However, it was really shocked me when they showed me how they calculate the price. They included my previous package which contains 10x of the treatments plus new package treatments and calculated in ala-carte price. I really have gone mad at that moment when I saw how they counted for my refund!!!

    How could they deceive consumer money like that, I feel it is fair if they want to charge the used treatment in ala-carte price but they couldn't include the old package which already finished and paid off for it. I wonder how many consumers were being deceived by them in that way? After all, the refund amount is only 1/3 of the total packages amount which I am still paying in instalments, even though I get back the refund I also can't pay off my credit card outstanding amount.

    They are really very low class of persons, all so called consultants are deceivers indeed. I hate them like hell, that is all my hard earned money. Anyone knows where to complaint them to get full refund? Last time I was too kind to let them charge in ala carte price, now I want to claim back my money in fair price, from the price we have agreed during purchase. Anyone can share?

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  • Dy
    Dyana Dyana Jun 20, 2013


    I facing a sampe problem with LWM. How to make them to refund our money? mind to share?

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  • Co
    complainex Mar 19, 2013
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    Verified customer

    Okay, I just went through this ordeal yesterday,

    I believe I am a person of strong will but I caved in to them in the end. I am really fat, almost 20 kgs overweight and lazy to work off my fats by exercising.

    After two hours or so of persuading me, the consultant offered me $300 for a total of 9 treatments, with upgrade to don't know whatever the hell special treatments, after telling me I need 4-5 sessions of continuous treatments. Which I know is a load of bull. Even after insisting that I have no money, which is true because I was greedy for the free sessions and the 3 meal plan they have. The consultant bombarded me "nicely" and said that paying a deposit, she will reserve the special offer for me.

    But in the end, I got ripped off of $53.50 ($10.70 through debit card and $42.80 in cash) for their supposedly free treatment. They asked me for my cards and I could hear them trying to swipe off every cent I have in them. Luckily, my debit cards have less than $10 worth in both. I am glad I only carried a $50 note in my wallet. I did not lose my senses and gave them my husband's ATM card because I respect the fact that I only use the money inside for emergencies.

    What I got from the session was 20 mins sauna and 30 mins in their hot blanket after being covered in salt. Lost 1 kg in water. The consultant gave me the free products; a pack of sea salt, a body trim fluid 1 (15ml) and an oxy trimming gel for hydration (15ml). I did not get the 3 meal plan.

    Now I am worried that as my husband says, they have stolen my card details and will siphon off every bit of money I put inside. Is that true? Should I consult a bank for this? So ashamed that I actually allowed them to swipe my debit cards.

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  • Ev
    EvelynYap1969 Jan 11, 2013
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    Verified customer

    Hi, I was super duper upset with London Weight Management at Civic Centre. I bought the package for steam bath and hot blanket to slim down myself. After the 7th session, the consultant Leanne persuaded me to take on the machine package to reduce the time spent at the centre as I am a busy working mom and a student doing part time post graduate. She told me since the machine time is only for 20mins and I should be able to see the results and she was prepared to convert whatever unconsume sessions to knock off the new package.
    I felt totatlly cheated now. When I went for the 1st session, I spent almost 2 and a half hours just stupidly waiting for the machine to be available. The busy consultant, Leanne seems like forever very busy with calls and customers. I was very mad after waiting for such a long time and it is totally defeated the purpose of converting to another package. I requested to withdraw the package and ask for refund.
    To my astonishment, it took almost 3 weeks for the so-called manager, Gigi and subsequently Shermaine to call me and the refund was only 900+ (The new package is around S$1600/-) She told that the a-lar-cart session costs S$1300/- per 20mins. Is this a daytime robbery? As a so-called goodwill, she would put up to the management for half of the price. Hence, the refund is less than a thousand (1.6K-650).
    Can anyone tell me how to get the redress? To the CASE? Would that help?
    Anyone has any success story of claiming the refund?
    Please share

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  • Lw
    LWM SCAM Nov 28, 2012


    My Mom has brought a LWM package total of $10, 000, she tried few lessons and no results. We want to stop the installment and refund our money.

    Is there any success case of refund from LWM?

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  • He
    helenWWWW Oct 29, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I went to LWM starting of this year Jan as i just given birth.
    i bought a voucher through internet 4 slimming session for $28 but when i reach the place, the consultant say yes it 4 slimming session but didnt put 4 visit n she had comblind the 4 session to 1 visit... i was like so cheating!!!
    As usual the consultant keep hard sales non stop to me call me to sign up the package & insulted me & say i am so fat, my hubby may leave me etc...
    This is the way the make business, i hope London weight management CLOSED DOWN!! They are like sucking our money non-stop keep hard sales n threaten u to buy if not they will show u big attitude n condemn you.

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  • Be
    bellaly Oct 12, 2012

    i just bought a coupon saying that i have 2 free trials for lwm from tampines singapore outlet. but the moment i went there they asked me to sign a package even before trying the session out, she wouldnt let me even leave the room without signing and paying the package. ok fine so i bought a 1.6k 10 session package. and then she brought me to take my first free session that i bought out of a $10 promo coupon. after the first session, she brought me to the room again and said its not enough the 1.6k package. She say i need a 3.8k package to see any improvement, and criticize my look, kept saying its useless, she will not help me if i dont signup the other new package 10 session . I mean look, its unfair, i havent even used not even one of my session that i have paid for, and im still on the free session the the coupon i bought offered me. she wouldnt let me leave until i bought . she told me to signup for a credit card, i said i never believed in it and i wont sign up for one. she told me to use all my savings, i said i already use my savings just to use my free trial coupon that i bought because she wouldnt let me leave the room and her scary hardcore sales is really i mean it, its conning ur money.i work in sales before i study degree in marketing n business, i know that the salesperson is very rude, critisizing their own customers and not even honest at all. ok she said at first 10 session for 1.6k and then after that forced me to buy 3.8 k 10 sessions which i do not want at all, its an extra machine which i m not interested. hello! i am not fat at all, im 54kg and i am giving u a try on yr free session, instead i pitied the salesperson who always keep saying her boss will scold her crap excuses, and i gave her a chance and bought 10 sessions, after paying, she ask me to buy her 6 boxes of coffee, which cost $168 each, and i bought one to try the very expensive coffee that u can easily get from a nutritionist expert for $30 per box. which has the same result. THIS JUST PISSED A CUSTOMER OFF. I havent even used any of the package yet, i want to flle for a refund for treating customer this way. This is very rude and unacceptable service.

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  • Li
    Lipo2 Aug 28, 2012

    I bought a voucher from London weight management for 2 trial session and each session for 3 hour treatment.The sales consultant name Zoey from Jusco Metro prima, Kepong where she came and said she will get a customised treatment for me according to my needs. She measured my height and weight, then asked me to undress for body analysis but when I undress she immediately take my photograph.She made me feel very embarrassed by doing the measurements in a brightly lit room. I am so regretted to let her take my picture or she might show it to someone like she showed other peoples picture to me. After the body analysis the consultant went on talking about a Lipo Lavender treatment package.

    She was very pushy and very rude. She pushed me to signed up for various types of packages cost 21k for 20 session.I spent 2 and a half hours listened to her.She continued to hurl insults at my size and weight.I declines her offer & she looks unhappy and says I'm used to be happy with my overweight size forever.I find this unacceptable and unprofessional. There should be a body or rules and regulations to regulate these slimming centers.I am totally disappointed and regret buying that coupon. I HATE LONDON WEIGHT MANAGEMENT!

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  • Fl
    florence_cw Jul 17, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I am totally regret of buying that package, and they do not allow me to refund even though i had not start the session at all. They are really pushy for sales, i told them i had no money at all as i am a part time student and i just recently lost my job, and i couldn't find a job. She told me that i will lost job or not getting job cos i am fat, and also not having a boyfriend at all. She said she will give me the best price at $500 for 10 session for student rate. So i agree as i want to slim down fast . But after reading all the review, i am super regret, so i ask them whether can refund. They said can't, as the contract said no refund at all, only can change to product.

    Anyone want to buy the package from me at $500 for 10 session at woodlands civic centre.Pls pm for more info. Price can negotiable. Thanks you so much.

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  • So
    Sonu1988 Jul 06, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi guys i was so stupid to go to london weight management without reading the reviews. I went to the civic center branch on may
    24th 2012. I was taken inside and was give the so called princess treatment and was made to wait for leas than 2 minutes then a consultant named "p" came in with a big smile on her face. She went on saying that i am so over weight and for my height i should be 40kg and i am over weight by 12kg. She then went on by measuring me with their special tape. He asked me if i was working i said i am a house wife and then she asked if i have kids i said no she then asked if i am planning to have kids i said yes then she made a so called shocking face and said u should loose weight otherwise it will be a problem for u.

    She even webt on saying stupid things that if i am fat my husband would leave me n stuff nways moving forward. I was sent for the trial session. Before the treatments i was asked to drink a whole glass of water then was sent for steam bath, hot blanket and machine. After that i was a bit drained out of energy so i asked for a glass of water then they said should not drink water.

    After some time they took my weight and showed that i lost 700grams and that time i was so unaware that it was the water which i lost. She then went on pushing me to buy the 7k$ package i said i cannot afford it so she made me sign 20 sessions of steam and hot blanked for 1500$ and said it was the discounted price. I couldn't take her anymore and i signed the package.

    Half way thru my package i did not loose weight she then said take a 4k$ package that will definetly make u loose weight i said i dnt want. She then made me buy a box of london weight managment coffee2. She asked me 2 buy 24 boxes i said i dnt want n took only one box for 142$.

    After one and jalf month i am still the same weight. She blames it all on my lifestyle and food intake. She then again started pushing me to buy the package i said i am going to australia so cannot. She forced so much to buy the coffee i couldn't take it and bought the coffee on july 4th 2012 and the scary part starts here. I started taking the coffee as she told me 2.

    After taking the coffee i started feeling weird and drained out of energy. I called up the office and asked them if it has any side effects they then reveal that heartbun, high heart beat and giddiness are the common symptoms and she asked me 2 take only one packet instead of two daily.

    After two days i started having cramps in stomach and started having sweaty nights and i even have blood in my urine and it scared the ### out of me. I am planning to send the coffee powder for testing in a lab as soon as possible.

    Guys i had a bad experience with london weight managment i advice u guys not to go to any slimming conpany bcoz they drain u out of ur money. I learned a good lesson and now i will start loving myself as i am either be it fat or thin.

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  • Sh
    Shirley Tin May 25, 2012

    yes, I agree. U are right .
    Stickly dont bring IC, credit card and money..
    It s extremely dangerous for customer..
    LWM is cheated company..
    I was victim by LWM Midvally branch..

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  • No
    Not to me named Apr 14, 2012

    After I checked internet for sale technique London Weight Management, a lot of consumers because cannot stand for the pushy sale consultant, end up sign the package & regret. I really hope consumer ( also remind myself). Be careful when go for first trial or voucher. Because this is the time they can take chance to convince you purchase item you not required. Because go for all this, 1. Check Internet 2. When go there, only bring ur IC. Ur credit card / money try not to bring. At least you can have time to "cold period" to proper think before purchase. I felt very lucky & great that I can be firm that time of not to proceed. I just hope there is no hidden camera there. Also, regret of myself to "soft" of let them mental torture me of not to just walk out of the shop

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  • No
    Not to me named Apr 14, 2012

    I am experience the same from purchased a deal ( not to name the deal company). It was sound cheap around less than RM 20 to enjoy London Weight Management service. I am not very fat but want to slim down tummy part. For this reason, I don't want spend too much on this sliming center but don't mind to spend on voucher which cost less than RM 50.
    I went to Empire London Weight Management. As usual first things they did on me is measure my weight & try to convince me to purchase package which cost around near RM 1500. I told them I will consider. If I am really interested, I will look for them. After that I proceed to my treatment. During this 2 hours plus treatment, they still non- stop try to convince me. I felt super annoying & irritating. I tried not to be rude by politely told them "no". After the treatment, they continue non- stop hold me & question me. I felt super upset & trying to control myself. This time, I am really felt like as I did something wrong & get interview. I felt like i get investigated or as a prisoner. I gave them some excuses like ~ I will try to discuss with my husband then they responded with weird reaction saying something like " why you need to discuss with ur husband, is not like you cannot afford" To me felt like "wrong religion teaching". Is a good practice as husband & wife to discuss things together . After one consultant fail to convince me. Then come another consultant. Sighhh, this like mentally torture. My husband say i should just walk out. I think I am too nice by be polite, but i should actually just walk up. After I leave the place, they non stop call my mobile.
    I am really not understand, why all this sale people need to do this, if your product very good, it will sale by itself. Nothing wrong for try to tell people your packages / explain ur product. But not until like " mentally toucher level. After I am experienced this, found a lot of consumer experienced this. And it also happened in London Weight Management Singapore . Is this they been trained in this way ? I am start thinking this way. I felt very fortune of I am firm of not to purchase the package. Else I will non - stop get this type of toucher. To be honest, during the treatment, I am quite like it. If it is not they way the consultant "mentally torture" me. I might introduce the friend around me to purchase the package. For me, if i think i really need maybe i will consider.
    Is it because of sale from internet voucher make them lost a lot of money? Why cannot just let customer why the voucher peacefully enjoy the treatment & understand the package / offering & decide whether want or not? In fact, the voucher entitle me for one RM 300 ( around the price, dont brother to check) of start up product. they end up didnt give me & I also didnt ask for it because I cannot wait to walk out the centre.
    from this terrible experience, I start scare to purchase any internet sliming center. This London Weight Management consultant very unprofessional. It make me start worry, will them have a hidden camera to threaten the consumer? I am interest to internet sliming voucher as it is cheap & i can not commit to pay one lump sum of money. I can go whether I felt i gain weight / eat a lot & need something to de-toxic. I understand only one session, will not help much but at least is something to do on it.
    Possible consumer board do something to advise consumer or make consumer felt comfortable / protected?

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  • Fe
    Fearnot Mar 14, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was looking for a Forum where I can share my experience with London weight management, and finally i am here. I bought a voucher through groupon ($18 for 4 slimmimg treatments). I went to the city sqaure mall outlet. Upon registration I was taken to a room, where a consultant came and said she will get a customised treatment for me according to my needs. She measured my height and weight, then asked me to undress to take my photograph. I didn’t let the consultant take my photograph, but she did the measurements and body analysis, and made me feel very embarrased by doing the measurements in a brightly lit room. I agree that I have stretchmarks on my tummy after delivery, but I din ask them to treat / remove my stretch marks.I went there to redeem the groupon voucher I had purchased. After the body analysis the consultant went on talking about a Lipo Lavender treatment package. That is when I realised that I was going to go thru all that nonsense you went through. I stopped her and asked, why is she talking all this to me, then to my shock do you know what she told me? “Do you think this slimmimg treatment that you purchased is going to give you any result?…Its not…this is what we give everyone as a free trial!” So I asked “So if you say that this slimmimg treatment for what I paid is not going to work, i wasted my $18 on something thats useless, so that means you cheated me!” Thats when the consultant said “ok if you are here to try this slimmimg treatment, go ahead and try lah…why shud I waste my time and energy and closed all the files which had the before and after photographs of her customers”. I told her my time too was precious and i don want to waste my time on a treatment that the consultant of the company itself said is not going to show any result, and i stepped out of that shop! I am so glad that I did not let her take my picture or she might show it to someone like she showed other peoples picture to me. I am totally disappointed and regret buying that groupon. I hate these people!

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  • Ca
    cazushiki Oct 24, 2011

    I understand how you meant "pushy sales consultants".

    The recent one that I've purchased, it was a great deal I thought:
    London Weight Management - 98% OFF 5 Miraculous Fat Dissolving Slimming Sessions (180 minutes) + 3 Free Slimming Products worth RM68 (Oxy Trimming Gel, Sea Salt Scrub, & Trimming Fluid) + RM300 Treatment @ LWM

    I went for the session a week ago, the service was awesome till the last session where the consultant(S) were trying SO HARD to ask me to sign up a package. I was hesitated, reason being is I'm currently taking a break off work (unemployed); I politely decline and told them that I've promised myself not to spend anything for this month due to the reason. After several explanation and persuasion, a senior consultant came and asked why and what was my reason for not signing up for the package. The same reason I gave - as above. I even told them that, if possible, I will sign up next month as I'm looking for a job but no hurry.

    I understand how tough a sales person's job or rather the Sales Target they need to achieve, but being too pushy is annoying and pisses customer off. The senior consultant actually said "if you told yourself not to spend, then how come you're spending money to purchase this deal"? Another consultant said "don't tell me you don't have savings? even to pay for deposits"?

    I don't think is appropriate to speak as such to customer. I myself used to work in a retail industry, there's a sales target for my team to achieve every month, but that's not the way of doing it.
    I've purchased several deals from Groupon and Milkadeal on beauty care / services, none of them are as pushy as LWM.

    BTW, I did not receive the RM300 treatment voucher. Anyhow, I will never return to LWM, never again, it was such a unpleasant experience.

    feedback from a very unhappy customer.

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