Logan's Roadhousea meal on sunday 8/12/2018

K Aug 15, 2018

We went to the Logans Roadhouse in Auburn Hills MI 48326
on Sunday 8/12/2018 at approx 6pm. There were 4 of us and we celebrating
our son-in-laws birthday. We ordered 4 meals. First I asked the waitress, if
they had a loaded baked potato. Her was response was, we can do that.
Then as the meals were ordered, one ordered a loaded sweet potato, one loaded mashed. At no time when the waitress asked what sides we wanted did the waitress tell us there was an additional charge for these sides.
3 of our dinners we ok, (just) but my husbands was awful! Never was he asked if his meal was ok. Although I think the waitress knew because she was watching him
try to cut through the meat.
My husband ordered STEAK LOUIS and asked if they had asparagus and again, he was not told there was an upcharge.
My husbands dinner was so charred, not just overcooked, that there was no meat on the ribs to eat. Just charred. The steak was burned and so tough he could not cut through it, let alone eat it. And the asparagus, was burned also.
He was very upset, even the following morning. He doesnt like to make a fuss especially if our daughter and her husband was at dinner to celebrate a birthday!
So we were charged 3 upcharged of .99 each and $19.48 for Steak Louis that was burnt and he could not eat.
Our total bill was $91.21 plus a tip. We could have gone anywhere else in the area and have gotten a very nice dinner for that price!
I am asking that you refund my husbands dinner and our 3 upcharges. He feel very taken advantage of, and I agree with that!

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