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Lobos Management Complaints & Reviews

Lobos Management / treatment of uscg personnel

Jenny Boyd on Aug 1, 2017
Warning Military personnel -- do not rent from this company! BEWARE! They are making my enlisted USCG pay an extra month in rent because of a difference in 4 days between his verbal orders and his written orders. Terrible way to treat those protecting their right to run thi...

Lobos Management / bethel terrace apartments

917363 on Jul 26, 2017
I wouldn't recommend Lobos. The landlord was friendly and the apartment seemed like it would be nice: newly painted walls, fairly new windows, brand new kitchen. It was only after I lived in the apartment for a week that I noticed all the problems: horrible fly & gnat problem due to poorly...

Lobos Management / apartment rental in pittsburgh from lobos reality

user1666781 on Jun 26, 2017
If your looking for an apartment in the Pittsburgh area or surrounding areas, do yourself and your family a favor don't rent from lobos reality they are slumlords google them sobol is ridiculous, it's a nightmare! We are starting a site and it's going to be on Facebook, you tube, twitter...

Lobos Management / sobol lobos reality women abuser

How a bout it on Jun 24, 2017
Don't rent from lobos reality in pittsburgh pa, they are criminal they threatened a women even the attorney Christina thought is was ok that her wack [censor] boss sobol was right in threatening a women after a attack he should be reported for women abuse, his apartments might look...

Lobos Management / stealing money from husband

user1666781 on Jun 8, 2017
So today my husband called lobos reality attorney!because he wants his money back ! the attorney Christina for mr rubenoff said they had to put new carpet in the apartment, the carpet was new when we got the apartment just for 2months, we had to leave because I was attacked by a stranger...

Lobos / apartment management and no security no cameras doors being propped open and lying management!

user1666781 on May 10, 2017
we rented a lobos apartment in April 2017 at the Birmingham apartments in north Versailles! My husband made an appointment to look at the apartment and did meet the management at the Birmingham, she took my husband through the front door so you can see the intercom service and the locked...

Lobos Management / apartment

Vickie Fortney on Jun 26, 2016
Avoid lobos management at all costs. Slum lords. Will rent to anybody. More than two tenants to a one bedroom apartment and you pay for it as far as water. Doesn't go by how much water you use. Goes by 2% if the entire water bill for the complex. Maintenance is horrible. Have had the same...

Lobos Management / raise rent every year etc

FEDUP2016 on May 6, 2016
Lobos is full of sh*t. They want you to pay all this high rent in there townhomes but don't do anything to the ones that people have been living in for years. They raise the rent every year but it was never stated in your lease when you 1st moved in. They want to tell you what you can and...

Lobos Management / apartments

Songbird38 on Nov 5, 2015
This is by far the worst place I have ever rented from before. I have lived in numerous places all over the country and never seen such un-professionalism. It also turns the rental agents into angry people. They are sweet and nice and then after working for them for a little bit you can...

Lobos Management / staff

RWilliams6 on Jun 16, 2014
Was lookin for an apartment and waited outside leasing office for 30 mins. Decided to drive to a few locations while waitin for staff to get back and notice two people having sexual relations in a vehicle in a neighboring lot. Didn't think anything of it until the same two people...

Lobos Management / avoid lobos!

lobossucks on Apr 4, 2014
Employees and renters beware!!! Do not work for lobos! The management is nothing but a bunch of immature drama queens that will treat you like dogs. They will talk to you like you've never been talked to you in your life. It's disgusting. The turnover rate is outrageous there, with good...

Lobos Management / employee beware

jtz on Jan 13, 2014
Employees beware I use to work for lobos for several years until I was fired 8 months ago from ron sobol. Myself and a team mate of mine was terminated at the same time. Last week I received a surprising phone call from a young women at the shady side office office stating we have a...

Lobos Management / litigation

mmattorney on Nov 23, 2012
My name is Marko Maylack and I am an Attorney representing former renters of Lobos Management. I am interested in discussing any issues someone may have with this organization as I too believe them to be slumlords. you may contact me at 724-777-1910. Of course, there is no charge for...

Lobos Management / lumlord

Shae30 on Nov 18, 2012
Lobos Management seems like a nice starter place to move into before you are ready to buy a house; so WRONG!! Lobos management is a rip off and will try to get your money any way they can. My significant other and I along with children decided to rent this place. Our first day in we did...

Lobos Management- Pgh, PA / they are a joke

AR14 on Sep 16, 2011
These people are a total joke. It took me a month of calling them every single day to resolve one simple matter. Janet, who is one of the property managers is literally a prime example of how they obviously have no requirements for education or drug testing for this job. She is a liar who...

Lobos Management / avoid these slumlords at all costs

Tatiele on Sep 5, 2011
Apartment rental is not an simple thing. I found this out the hard way when I rented an apartment from Lobos Management on Centre Ave. I probably should of know superior based on my own personal intuition, but at the time it wasn't there simply because I knew nothing about Lobo...

Lobos / ###S

hadenoughoflobos on Jul 4, 2011
OMG they are such shady ###!!! Those pieces of ### ignore your complaints and don't fix anything. They also walk into your apartment whenever they want to show the place, whether you like it or not. I hate them.

Lobos Management - Queensbury / unfair water bill

Enough_Already on May 31, 2011
We received a letter stating we would be charged for water used in the building. The charge would be calculated by the number of bedrooms not the number of people living in each unit. This is very unfair to anyone living alone. A one bedroom apartment with a with single occupant would be...

Lobos Management / security deposit

linda peagler on Jan 1, 2011
Moved out of apartment they said I did not clean certain things but I did so they took it out of my security deposit the security deposit was $ 465.00 they sent me $35.00 before I moved in I was in a housing program the lady did a walk thur she wrote down the rugs hade stains and spot...

Lobos Management / thieving landlords

I wish I had seen all the negative reviews about Lobos management, I sure would have never rented from. I rented a unit in their Kensington terrace property on doyle road, and from day one I had a problem. The apartment was filthy and had not been cleaned. I called them, wrote a letter and...

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