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Loancare has already been fined by the CFPB and sanctioned by multiple States. The chances of any law firm taking on a class action suit are about nill because the complaints are all over the place. (meaning all different problems) For a class action suit you need to specify a specific activities and document them) You can't just say they're a shady company. I recommend if it is at all possible to refinance with a reputable lender who services their own loans. If refinancing is not an option, and you are using Loancare auto pay you immediately cancel it. You shouls them contact your banking institution and set up direct payments to Loancare according to your mortgage contract. You may also need to clodr the acct numder set up at loancare to prevent them from making deductions. Never allow Loancare to make direct deductions from you bank. This includes Autopay, electronic checks and verbal authorizations. They will deduct funds unauthorized if they have an account number to do so, resulting in you spending hours trying to get it back or properly credited. Having been there in their endless pack of lies. I have been through the mill with these people. Charging returned check fees for E-checks that were never present to my bank, charging for taking a phone payment when unable to access the website just to name a few. The list of issues is endless and everyone deserves better. Please get out of their grasp whether it is a refinance or changing how payments are made to them. You deserve financial peace. An extra note: If your loan is a VA loan please check out Navy Federal Credit Union

Sep 30, 2019

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