Living Spacessofa sleeper damaged my hardwood floor


we went to use the bed in the sofa and we were not able to put it back in. We noticed the arm of the bed was not attached. I purchased the insurance package and contacted them. They requested pictures and I noticed the broken arm had scratched my floors. I sent pictures of the arm and floor. They said they would schedule someone to come out. I had to call them back and finally someone was assigned. They came and fixed the arm but said he would report the damage to the floor and someone would contact me within 72 hours. No one did. I called them and they said the delivery company was responsible even though I explained it was their faulty furniture. Again they said they needed to send someone out because the claim was not entered correctly. Again no one called and I called them. Someone called and they said they don't handle this its living spaces and someone would call. No one called. I called them and basically they continued to not know who was responsible and no one called or came. I finally talked to a manager who had someone come take more pictures and report. No one followed up. I called and continued to get the run around. Finally they said we handle cases like this internally and there is one lady "Jackie" who processes these claims. No one will transfer me to her and she is conveniently never available or out of the office. My initial call to them was in November. I still have not had my claim processed or someone call me to resolve. I
Living Spaces is a joke and do not care about how they treat customers. They get your money (over priced even for the so called quality products which are clearly NOT) and then don't care if they really help you from then on. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

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