Living Spacessectional couch was delivered to us damaged

M Jan 21, 2018

In Movember we noticed a huge hole on the dust cover on our couch. The hole had been covered up by a very large patch that was now hanging down. Living spaces sent a technician to our home to repair the damage, instead this person ripped the whole dust cover off and then realized he didn't even have the right materials to do the repair. After not hearing anything for a week on when he would return I call living spaces and no one can tell me when my couch will be repaired. All I've gotten is accusations on how it was probably us that did the damage in the first place. Does that even matter now when your person came and ripped the whole thing off. Terrible service and trying to scam customers with damaged furniture. When is my couch going to be repaired?

sectional couch was delivered to us damaged
sectional couch was delivered to us damaged

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