Living Spaces Furnituremaster bedroom headboard/footboard/frame

A Jan 31, 2018

When I purchased the bed I was given delivery time option — I requested Fri Feb 2 from 6 pm - midnight as this was probably our only time to recv bed. She wrote down 12-6 pm but said if need to change for sure I should call 48 HRs in advance. I called yesterday (72 HRs in advance). They said I could only find out day of delivery. I said I wasn't told that/that the bed has to be there on Fri Feb 2 btwn 6-midnight as guests show up next day — in town for medical reasons. We cannot be there before 6 pm to recv bed. They finally confirmed that they could change to new confirmed time after I asked to speak w manager then district mgr. It was confirmed. Then I started getting auto texts asking "what day for my 12 noon- 6 pm delivery?" I called back again and was told "ignore auto robo calling; it's confirmed". Today I recvd call asking what time and day I would like my bed delivered? The customer service person I spoke w had some unbelievable answers when I explained what was confirmed "I don't know, I wasn't there". I asked where bed frame was and she said distribution center. I asked where that was in case it was same store I purchased from and she said she didn't know address. I said, "customer service at Corp office and you don't know the distribution address" and she said, "I don't memorize the addresses". Just unbelievable. I asked to speak w her mgr and where the Corp HQ Office was I wd be calling. She told me "I can't tell you that". I said, "is it a secret?" — this is not good customer service . I will never purchase from Living Spaces again.

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