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i have been in a modification for months with this lender. i believe they are dragging this out for the most amount of money the can tack on to my principal. the loose my paperwork constantly making us fax over and over. you can't talk to anyone who actually is making decisions about your account or even the same person for that matter. all you get is the standard business response. this is what really gets me: if you do not have 9 months of unemployment from the start of your modification they will not consider it income, do you think the IRS is going to give me a pass on my taxes, hell no. it is income period!!! i had to pay over $3000 in income tax, because why? it is income you idiots!!! this is ridiculous, and they are messing with my families future... why do people care more about money than human life today??? big companies with the help of our greedy government officials are the ones who did this to our economy, why are they not being held responsible instead of getting money from the government. i stand to loose my home and many people already have, this is ###. these greedy ### need to pay!!! can you say revolution!!! we are the majority and need to stand together to fight the rich thieves of the world!!!


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      Jun 01, 2010

    We've been fighting Litton since September, 2008. I too am convinced they have ZERO intention of working out a modification. Instead, they are using stall tactics -- attrition even -- to keep the arrearages piling up to the point where no sane homeowner would cough up the ridiculous figure to save a house that won't be worth what they'll have in it.

    There is no reasoning with Litton, and I've come to the conclusion that the only ay they've stayed in business for 22 years is by screwing homeowners who may or may not have hit that proverbial "bump in the road".

    After doing a bit of digging we are convinced they have a "double-dipping scam" where the same people who run/own Litton also run/own the company that insures their mortgage notes. In effect, Litton pays premiums to themselves to cover mortgages they own, and as soon as they go into default they "go for the kill" because they know they are covered. and stand to recoup more $$ than they would by selling the property at auction for a loss.

    All I know is that there is an especially hot corner of Hell waiting on Litton's executives, their employess, and the people of any outside entity that chooses to work for them and/or do their bidding!

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      Oct 26, 2010

    The loan modification program is a farse no matter what bank you applied with. No bank is easily implementing them odification program as it is derived from the leftist Big Government machine that never has full intention to provide what they say...they know this but they also know that you are too dumb to see the truth so if they speak about programs that will give you a free ride you will vote for them. Unfortunately for you, you believe in free rides and there is no such thing. Next timeplease do not vote because your vote just cancels mine.

    The modification program was created by Obama and simply does not work. If anything, it is too slow and has allowed many people to become dillusional waiting for their savior to come in and give them a free ride. When that free ride didn't come and the bank got tired of paying for your living you became dissipointed didn't you? This whole time you thought you were getting a free ride and Obama will save you. You are a fool! I have no concern for you and the atta'boy rubber stamp that finally kicked or will kick your butt out of the house. Remember, the house was never yours to begin with because you purchased it with someone elses money. Maybe you cannot see that clearly to understand what I am saying so go find a hut that is free or a low rent deal somewhere and suck it up. The only event here is that the inevitible has come to you and even your savior Obama cannot save you - you freeloader!

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