Lincarecpap / complete lack of customer service for patients


My 73 y. o. dad with CHF had a sleep study on 9/28/17. Soon after the sleep lab sent all of the information over to the local Lincare location for prescription fulfillment. Almost 1 month later, after multiple phone calls, messages and even Executive Customer Care complaints, there is NO FOLLOWUP from a single person at Lincare. Not customer service, not the office manager, not the district manager. This is the absolute worst customer service in the healthcare field I have ever encountered (and I have worked in healthcare for 26 years!!) Dying patients are literally having their lives shortened even more by the absolute lack of support from this company. Maybe if they were charged with manslaughter or a class action suit, then they may take notice. My next phone call is to the President's office in Clearwater, Florida. Also, if you'll notice, they have ZERO Social media presence because they obviously don't want to deal with patients or family members!

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