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Light In The Box - I have order some products and never arrived

I have ordered 2 rain jackets and 1 pear of shorts from LightInTheBox company online, on the internet from 14-15 the of January and have no products or answer until now from them, I have spent 642 danish kroner which I can't prove! I just want my money back! 😡 It is frustrating because I got this shopping site from Google and I thought that is a secure place to buy, it's actually unbelievable because every time when I've tried to track my stuff they are closing the page, I can not contact them at all! So I hope I can get some help after this message! At least LightInTheBox to write me and say what is wrong! Underneath I have attached some pictures with my order!

Light In The Box - 2 shirts that i ordered

got the shirts a week after xmas and they are way too small and i cant seem to even get to the returns so now have no idea how to get my money back and need to return these shirts i ordered them at least 4 weeks before xmas and even though they finally got here they were way to small i paid thru my paypal account and would like my refund into that my invoice number is Lit6-[protected]

Desired outcome: need my money back and send these shirts back

Light In The Box - Daily emails

I am receiving daily, unwanted emails from Their "unsubscribe" system clearly doesn't work. Today I've sent a number of messages to them at [protected] and so far none of them have been bounced back to me as undelivered. I'm going to continue to do this regularly until someone from this business gets back to me. Is there anything else I can try to get them to remove my email address from all of their systems?

Light In The Box - Kids light up shoes

Pay for my grandson some light up tennis shoes and got them in the mail. They are the gold one but there no light on them and I pay for light up. Please get back with me about this if I had seen all the write up about your company you would had not got my money. Cant and wont give the shoes to he it not what I order are wanted.

Light In The Box - No option to delete account

I want to delete my account, but there is not an option on to do so. I would also like to opt-out of any emails and unsubscribe. There is not any contact information or email addresses to contact them, except for orders. My email is [protected]
Thank you,
Danielle Cornet

Hi Danielle, I’m having the same problem. I found that my email didn’t get bounced back to me when I sent it to [email protected] I’m now bombarding them on a regular basis with emails about unsubscribing me.

Light In The Box - Order cancelled for no reason

I received an email that my cancellation request has been processed and that my money will be refunded.

I did not cancel the order at all. Its my daughters wedding.

Don't know why the cancelled the order. No way of calling them. Just via ticketing system.

So frustrating.

Light In The Box - Complete order not received.

Not recieved!!! Men's Plus Size 3D Grafic Print T-shirt Size L $13.19. Order#[protected] of [protected]. Can't contact customer service in any way, tried. I ordered 2 shirts over a month ago, only one arrived. Waited for 2nd one to arrive seperately and never did. Company did not refund, nor return my money either. Does anyone know how to contact this company?

Light In The Box - Dual led light no power supply

Ordered the dual led light kit and when it came in there was no power supply came with the kit. The package had USPS tracking #9200190258803344763884. From shipping Dept, LTJS, 14915 177th St, Jamaica, NY. The packaging had no information on how to contact with problems.

Sophie Scott
910 Autumn Lake Dr
Allen, TX 75002

Light In The Box - Earbuds never received them

Ordered 2 sets of earbuds the money was taken out of my account. There's no info on the site except my email . I've been on this site all week and still nothing it says it takes 5_7 days to arrive. When i checked the app to see when they would be shipped it said no order was placed. They don't have no type of way to contact them i alerted my bank but they can't return my money someone needs to stop these people from this terrible crime ripping people off.

Apr 06, 2020

Light In The Box - Custom duty

I both a dress for communion for my little girl, a paid extra € 10 to get faster and I didn't. On the end I had to pay extra 28.46 for DHL, some extra taxes (vat, custom duty etc.). That's really unpleasant experience. I'm not gonna order anything never again. I'm disappointed.

Light In The Box - Clothes

I personally had a poor experience with this company and after spending about a month with their customer support it has gone no where. Now they are not even responding to my letters. Let me start by...

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Light In The Box - order no.: #[protected] & order no.: #[protected]

Both orders was received & returned November 20, 2019 to the local address via USPS Priority Mail. The quality of 2 of the dresses was very poor besides they were very small for the sizes tagged. the evening gown was too big and long.

14905 177th Street
Jamaica, NY 11434

The total amount paid for three (3) dresses $251.78, to date I am still waiting for my refund. Please let me know as soon as possible.


Daphne Morris

Light In The Box - clothing

I ordered clothing, out of the 8 items I ordered, 4 were the incorrect size. 4XXX and 3XXX were sent to replace the medium and large sizes that were orginally ordered. Futhermore, the glitzy dress by picture was not glitzy at all, but at least it was the correct size. Therefore the pictures are misleading. When I tried to return and get a refund I was told that it would be cheaper to donate the clothing then pay the postage back to China, also there is only a 7 day window for returns so if the order is a gift, there is little time to return if the clothing does not fit. Do not waste money with this company.

Light In The Box - childs unicorn dress

Ordered.november recieved 8n 10 days.far too big fir my granddaughter.returned it next day.have been in touch 8 time but been 8gnired.bpjust want my refund stated in uou adverts...if no reply soon will have to got through my PayPal resolution centre, ...please save me the trouble.i too old to deal with this problem.0lease be fair and send my refund.s.bromley.i would like my £15...please.

Light In The Box - company will not refund my money

I returned 2 dresses as they were cheaply made and sewed incorrectly on one side. I submitted a ticket to them on 11/21/2019 and told them I wanted to return the items for a refund. They told me how...

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Light In The Box - not receiving items ordered

I placed an order to your company December 11th and the money was with drawn from my bank account December 12 and I still have not received the tee shirts that I ordered. I paid $108.+ . I do not have my order number but my address is Hilde McClearen - 704 N 6th St - Denver, PA 17517 I was your advertisement on FaceBook. Either return my money or ship the shirts.

Light In The Box - refund not received

I purchased a watch for Christmas gift upon receipt the clasp was broken I have submitted several forms including pictures and you have failed to respond to this upon checking your website and all customers reviews I find myself not alone it seems pretty clear that you have no value or morals and you have been allowed to scam genuine customers into making false purchases not only are you committing fraudulent transactions and unrealistic advertising you are breaking the law but not for much longer I will allow 72hours for a reply to this article although I don't think you will before I contact trading standards and the ombus man for fair trading thanks Debbie Griffiths

Light In The Box - service and the product.

I placed an order with light in the box 18 november 2019, 23 november goods were shipped. 1st of december I asked them when am I getting my order? They promised before 21 december I will get my order.

From there my order status changed to ticket closed meaning that I can't email them anymore. I have tried to track my order online but I don't get something tangible. When I login today my order status is 'received' I really don't understand how because I havn't received nothing.

Light in the box I thought it is a good online shopping but to find out their service is very poor.

Light In The Box - boots and light jacket

I accidentally ordered a pair of boots - tried to cancel. No phone number only can email. I emailed a 100 times to cancel both. My delivery person said to reject the boots so I won't have to pay shipping on the boots. So he sent them back wher they came from - New York! Now, lightinthebox refuses to give me a complete refund because they said I had to pay $35 to ship it to China! It came from New York! They r saying they never received them, when I have paperwork that shows they did! I'm getting no where! I wanted to return the jacket too - but back to China?! That would cost more than the boots or jacket. So they said if I kept the jacket I'd get $15 back - never happened. They r scammers! This company needs to be stopped!
Please help me and others who got ripped off. Someone needs to investigate both places - New York and China!

Light In The Box - oil paint handmade abstract painting

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to make a complaint that I have made a purchase of oil painting from their website having order number as [protected] with credit card, however, they are...

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