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I received the worst customer service at the front desk of Lifetime Fitness!
They were rude and cold. I got a VIP pass and came in with my friend and did not bring my ID with me because the front desk had let me in numerous times without an ID before. This time they had insisted that I needed to bring in an ID and were so rude to me. There were three people at the front desk and none of them seemed to know how to resolve my issue. When I asked to go and get my friend from the gym because she droves, they did not want me to go in there and asked me to stay outside and wait for her to finish exercising which can take hours, how unbelievable! When they finally decided to take me in, they had called security to go in there with me and treated me like a criminal.
I'm normally a very nice person, but they were just so rude and really made me mad. Not only I will not consider Lifetime ever again, two of my family members are also quitting lifetime after this incident.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Rude! Rude! Rude!

I was treated rudely as well. An older white female manager located at the Collierville, TN site informed me that Lifetime Fitness is a "private club" and she should NOT let me in because I forgot my ID. She was extremely rude and condesending, which caused me to almost snap. Nonetheless, I remained professional and vowed never to return.

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