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LifeTime Fitness showed me their wonderful child care facility, and I thought that my child will be having wonderful time while I am working out. The first time we came with my 5year-old after signing the contract, I left her in the child care room. after the class I picked her up but she had tears in her eyes. I discovered that the climber and the computer room was closed, and she wanted to use those. Next day - same situation. Now, she refuses to go with me to the fitness center, because they limit what she can do.

I went to speak with the manager, and she told me that they keep the facilities closed when the number of children is less than 25. No one told me about this when we signed the contract.

I canceled my membership shortly, and don't advice any one to join this fitness.


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      Jul 31, 2009

    One of the worst things about this club is the present themselves as a club that has rules and ethics. They don't - only those that care have rules and ethics - the others don't care and they know that the employees and management will do nothing to enforce. Instead you have people that don't put weights up -leaving others to put up their weights for them. Those that don't wipe their sweat off - we are even given free towels. Using several pieces of equipment at one time. Cursing and intimidation in the basketball gym. Under aged children left in pool area while parents workout. Underaged children in the Dry Sauna and Hot Tubs, the list goes on. The sales people and others walk by and ignore it. If you complain or bring to attention you feel like you did something wrong as they do nothing. If they do the are happy to point you out as the complainer (we were told this would not happen). If you approach these people they curse you or intimidate you into thinking they are above that and you better leave them alone as they are above it all. Then on top of that they complain against you and you are the one approached by the staff. Its disgusting the by the lack of enforcement and the lack of care that is given. Due to the lack of actions, the club has leant itself to be unhealthy and unsafe.

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      Aug 01, 2010

    I agree.

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