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A Jul 29, 2019

I have been bringing my two kids for swim lessons and the pay more than 450 dollars a month. We went on vacation and we wanted to make up our lessons but the manager has been very rude and was talking to me like I am stealing lessons. Honestly, I am paying them money for the lessons but there is no coordination to help schedule lessons or keep track of the lessons professionally. These guys managing tell us to schedule lessons on our own. There is no one to pick up the calls or return calls. I emailed the manager Chase, and he does not ever email back or keep track of the voice mails.. But when it comes to being rude and he is the boss!!! Please check this guy! and help me with this issue... it is such a sad story... And another thing is that several times when I came in, the swim instructors were not able to give a private lesson or a swim class to my children and our time was wasted. When I complained about this to the managers, they came to me with telling me that I am at fault some how!!.. this is so ridiculous considering i had been paying 50 dollars per LESSON!...

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