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I filed my taxes with the N. Academy office in Briargate, Owner Tami Westmeyer, and the software for State Filing was supposedly malfunctioning resulting in a letter from the State of Colorado sending me a delinquent notice. I contacted Liberty on 3 seperate occasions and they asked me to fax them the documents. I faxed them and they said they never received them. Then I faxed them a second time and I received a call from Robin who said they had many clients who received the same letter and they were working on the issue. I asked her if they had received the fax that I sent and she said yes and they would contact me as soon as they got it straightened out. I received another letter from Dept. of Revenue threatening to garnish my wages or attach my personal property if I did not pay. When my husband called the owner refused to speak to him and they said they never got the fax and couldn't do anything about it and wanted us to send it again. This is the worst service that I have ever received and should this not be worked out I will be taking Liberty to small claims. The whole purpose of allowing a tax agency to do your taxes is so that they can handle all the issues. I also signed papers that they gave me that stated they would handle any issues that arose.


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    Liberty Tax Customer Care Aug 07, 2012

    Wendy- We are terribly sorry if you are having issues getting the help you need from one of our offices. We would love to help but will need your name and contact info; can you please email us at [email protected] so we can help?

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    gotta stick up for ursef Dec 29, 2012

    go get a copy of your taxes and mail them to the state yourself and mail it certified.
    screw that customer care help. they don't help anyone. all they do is send your complaint back to the manager to handle and tell them to take care of it within 48 hours. been there, done that with these folks.

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    unknown tax payer Feb 14, 2013

    I went to liberty tax to file my taxes in the bronx they told me to file self employment and thats what i did my check came and liberty tax took too much out for their fee they was suppose to refund me my money that they took out my check i been calling and calling and i keep getting the run around like the system is down or call back in 30 minutes i call back in 30 minutes and then they say please call back in 1 hour i been doing this for a week now and no response im saying to everyone do not deal with liberty tax they will really f*** you around and dont even care about what they are doing to the poor people in this community

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