LGI Homesplumbing problems and vices of constructions.

D Aug 10, 2018

NEW HOUSE WAS BOUGHT IN OCTUBER, 2017 the company made the mistake by building it by pulling the elevation of the house below the required level .Which already caused us problems with the pipes of the house, because of the mistake made, the company installed a pump that supposedly was for drainage of wáter and turned out to be for the function of the sanitary service of the house and is connected to electricity of the same...This is causing me to have unexpected light and future expensesw since the rèpair guarantee according to company employees expire soon additional bad times . Sincé the managers who btaken the matter de not want or agree as they my situation that would be to eliminate the pomp a connect a normal pipe to be able to have a normal sanitary service because black wáter ends in frontof my residence. Also there are two more properties in the community with this problem.

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