LGtv screen and customer service does not apply the roles

S Jul 08, 2019

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my annoyance and to complain of having an unsatisfactory response to my claim submitted to the customer service of the local LG Company in Egypt.

On 24th of January, during the Sale time, I bought a smart TV- 49LK5730- set to use in my new home as I got married in March 2019.Since I went to the honey moon vacation outside Egypt for almost a month, my husband and me, have been using the TV for only one month starting from the beginning of April 2019 till the first of May when suddenly the TV was interrupted and the photo was disrupted for unknown reason. At that time, I made a phone call to the customer service to help and send someone to see and investigate the problem but they refused to do so and they asked me instead to send them a photo for the screen through their WhatsApp., which I did immediately. An answer from them was received telling me that the screen is broken and this is not included in the warranty. I replied instantly: no body hit the TV screen, nobody pressed on the screen and no signs of damage appeared on the screen, and that is not our fault and it is a manufacture problem, but they insisted to say it's my fault and I was shocked when they asked me to pay 9500LE for replacing the screen because it is made in Korea; as they said and the shipment will be added to the costs; despite that the TV itself costs less than this price. Actually, this is not true as written behind the panel "made in Egypt". Anyway, and now I know your company has a very good reputation and supportive enough and this leads me writing you. Also, the item is in the warranty period and this problem is not my fault; I'm quite sure you can handle such issue and bring up the solution in a short period.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from you.

Please find enclosed
1- Receipt of purchase LED TV 49 inches
2- Warranty
3- TV's information (sticker behind the item).

Sincerely Yours
Sarah Shokry Nada


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    I would like to replace the screen of the 49 inches TV

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