Lexusoil cooler line

T Jul 01, 2019

To whom it may concern,
On April 18, 2018 I purchased a 2009 RX350 SUV. I wasn't concerned about the year because of the great reviews the Lexus brand has. And how they can easily last for 20 plus year. I have been doing my best at trying to keep up with oil changes and things like that and up until now I have been very happy with my SUV until June 28, 2019 when oil started running out of my car and the check engine light came on while I was driving home. I had no idea what was going on. The first thing I did was contacted the Lexus service department when I got home that evening. I was advised to bring the SUV in. I had it towed to Towson Lexus on 1040 York Rd Towson MD 21204 Saturday morning. I spoke with Chelsea and she gave me the bad news about the issues with the car. She told me that the Engine oil cooler line pipe had broken and that there was a recall on the part for the last 10 yrs. She then informed me that I had missed the deadline by 9 months and that the car had not been serviced by a Lexus dealer in years and that because of that the company may not want to service the SUV. I explained to her that I can't and shouldn't be held accountable for what previous owners did because I am here now. She explained that it would cost me $1300 to have it fixed. I expressed my concerns and asked how would I have know there was a problem when it didn't show up on the the Maryland State Inspection? At that time she explained that it's one of those things you don't know you have a problem until it happens. I told her that wasn't fair to me or any other customer who had this problem. I asked her to please reach out to customer services and please advocate for me. She told me that she would when she returned on Tuesday and she gave me a loaner car. However she called me today and told me that it was a no and that it was my problem. I asked her for the number and I called this afternoon when I got home and the customer representative I spoke with was not customer friendly at all she repeated over and over again that it was my problem and we are not fixing it. I asked her where was her heart of compassion and why was she so cold. At the end of the day I'm a customer regardless of where or who I purchased the car from. She stated she would submit a claim to the a customer care person and she would tell them that she told me that it was my problem and not a Lexus issue.
I never thought in a million years I would have every received this type of treatment from a company who stands behind there brand that they provide great luxury with minor issues. A product thats built last for generations to come.
It should not matter where or who I brought the car from because at the end of day I still choose to purchase your brand and when people see the car they see a very reliable luxury car what they don't see is the manufacture your brand choose used a product that was faulty and defective and you don't know you have this issue until it happens to you. And when it happens if it didn't happen with in the 10 yr time frame it's the customer responsibility . The customer did not decide to get the cheaper part. At least I know I did not make that choice. So why should I have to foot the bill for the manufacture that Lexus company partner with? The Lexus company made a decision not to do a total recall for this problem and allowed their customers to wait for this issue to happen to them. I believe this is very unfair to me and any other customer.
I am a single mother who works as a public school secretary I don't have $1300 laying around some where to fix this car and deal with the other concerns with the car.
I am hope that you would stand behind your brand and your reputation and help me with this matter.
Thank you,
Tanya Lassiter

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