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Complaints & Reviews

no quality control

I have been a faithful levi customer since the late 70s. 501s when I was younger (shrink to fit). As I got...

belt loops failing

Look guys. The pants with the problems had 7 belt loops. 2 of them on the middle of the back were placed so that the bottom of each of the loops was sewn into the fabric where it was a single layer. There was nothing for it to hold to so they ripped out. They were just in the wrong place. The newer ones have only 5 loops, and the ones that remain are placed where the bottoms of the loops are sewn into a double layer of fabric. That seems to fix the problem. So the solution to the problem for levi's was for them to eliminate the loops that rip out. American ingenuity triumphs again! Just buy the ones with 5 belt loops-not 7!!! Otherwise good pants!

faulty product

Good afternoon

I write in the hope you may be able to assist, orpoint me in the right direction.

I purchased a pair of levis 751 stretch jeans for a christmas present for my husband. My husband was really pleased with them and they fitted perfectly.in total he has only worn these jeans around 8/9 times and we noticed recently that the material at the side of the back pocket had all ripped/freyed making these jeans now unwearable! Levis jeans are usually known for them being very heard wearing, so what has happened??

I have contacted where I purchased them from, they are not being much help. My husband is very upset and so am i.

I have tried emailing on the levis website but it isn't working... I have also asked for contact on facebook but no response as yet.

I have 2 photos of the fault but it wont upload on here... I will gladly return these faulty jeans to levis and would accept a replacement

I am hoping levis can do something about this and contact me back quickly with a satisfactory resolve


pockets & some belt loops on the last 6 pairs I bought

Hello - my husband has been wearing levi jeans it seems forever. However, the jean's that I purchased for him...

550 jeans

I purchased two pair of levi 550 jeans @ kohl's approximately three weeks ago. The first time I wore them, one of the back belt loops tore loose on each, tearing the fabric underneath (which I sewed back in place), after the first washing, I noticed that one pair began to tear @ the back pocket. The fabric appears to be very weak & prone to tearing with minimal stress.

This was the first time I had purchased levis in several years & I was shocked at the poor quality of jeans compared to the "cheap" jeans I had purchased in the past few years. I have reached a stage in my life where I can spend money for better quality goods - these do not seem to fit the bill.

I would appreciate a rebate or replacement with hopefully better quality jeans. The size of 550's I purchased was w 40, l 32.

Stephen wagner

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poor quality control and even worse customer service

I bought four pairs of jeans from macy's in indianapolis all 569 style all the same size. One pair was 3 inches too short after contacting the customer service department I was instructed to ship the jeans in question to california for them to check for defects. I mailed the jeans for 11 dollars after a few weeks I received my replacement jeans and they were right however after receiving them I called back and asked for the money I spent on shipping to be reimbursed after some run around the supervisor finally agreed to pay for the shipping cost and told me i'd be receiving a check in the mail. Well its been months ago and gee whiz the check has never came. I understand that sometimes things happen during the manufacturing process but I think it should be right. Also I am not a fan of being lied to just to get passified. Levis seems like a classless company to deal with even though I do prefer there jeans. Well now it's time to get more and I think I will be looking for a new brand


It a costomer from china. I brought a jacket form the us levis online store on feb and finally got it at the end of mar via an overseas forward company. One of my complaint is that before my package arrived the forward company, the levis started its 30% off policy! I got insane! But more unfortunetly, one month later I got my package and found that the jacket has a huge color difference!!! It is not the same color I saw on their online store!! Then I sent an emails to them for finding solutions but they just called me return it and would pay my shippment fees only in us. It costed me more than 200rmb (nearly $34) in internetional delivery and the tax. How could I spend the same price to return it?!?!?! I am so disappointed about my first experience shopping internetionally. So sad...


shredded crotch area 4 pairs

Bought 6 pairs of levi jeans 501 last year. The first pair shredded after the first wash the second and third...

poor quality

I bought a pair of mid rise ankle skinny jeans at kohls and I loved them, because they were slightly stretchy. I am a preschool teacher, so I am always on the floor, bending over, squatting down, etc., so these jeans were wonderfully comfortable. I take good care of my jeans and only wash them on cold once a week and hang them to dry, so I was terribly upset when I noticed a thinning worn patch on the inner thighs. So, I went and bought a brand new pair just like them. Now the same thing has happened. It's ridiculous! I have worn levi jeans since I was in middle school and I am 46 years old. It makes me very sad to see an american icon in the clothing industry reduce it's quality like this. I bought a pair of wranglers years ago and never had this happen.

poor quality

  • Bu
    Buckmaster662 Jan 23, 2013

    I have several pairs a levi jeans and all of them have riped in the crouch area. I have tried contacting the company with no results. I e-mailed them called them and I have to gotten a return phone call or nothing. Very upset with the company..

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I have been wearing levi's for 45 years. The last 2 pair of 569 jeans I bought, the zipper has broken in both pairs within the past 2 weeks. These jeans were less than 2 months old. Purchased at jcp, never had a problem before. Quality apparently has gone way down. For the price, I always felt levi's were the best value and, in the past, my jeans have lasted years. This is unacceptable.

jeans shredded out after 1 week

I bought these levis from a the levis store in barbados. So returning them there won’t work…i’m attaching pictures of the jeans and the receipt.
My jeans are breaking out in holes and torn after one week, two pairs of jeans!!! Are you guys experiencing problems with quality issues?
I’ve worn levis jeans for years and never had this issues!!!
Please help!!

  • Ti
    Timrobinson Feb 14, 2015

    I also bought Levi's and regretted it. They are very cheap and don't last. Do not buy them!

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inappropriate commercial

While watching the 49ers vs denver pre-season football game today, 8/17, I watched a levi jeans commercial...

dye stain from label

Purchased levi shorts from levis shop in milton keynes central shopping centre. Washed in cold water on delicate cycle with only white clothes as directed on the label. The dye has run from the label with red/orange dye all over the shorts., how can this be resolved? I also believed levis was a quality brand.

  • Me
    megsoll Jun 03, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    see photo

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poor quality

I bought (2) pairs of levi's 559 jeans for $65usd each, and both pairs shredded at the knee on the first wearing. I have been in construction for 22 years, when I started, you always wore levi jeans because they were the strongest. For the last 5 years I have not seen a single person wearing levi's on a job site because they are junk. I normally wear levi's when I am not working, but that will now change as well. Tried to complain on their website, but they don't have an option for this. Looks like their logo of (2) mules having a tug-o-war with the jeans to (2) turtles having a tug-o-war. My money would still be on the turtles.

poor quality

I have bought a pair of 511 commuter denim jeans 4 months ago, december 2013 and now it is starting to pill internally! Areas located are the underside of the legs, namely the thigh, behind the kneecaps and areas around the calf.
The jeans is designed for commuting and I would expect minimal discomfort and better durability. The formation of pills around the thigh area compromises the integrity of the jeans and the comfort of the user. Highly uncomfortable when worn.
I have never cycled in this jeans and pilling is already an issue not to mention with only 3 months of use. Not to mention the higher price it commanded. On closer inspection, I have also observed defective stitching of the threads around your brand label.
This not only shows your poor material quality but also poor workmanship and quality control.
Utterly disappointed in the quality of the product and the confidence in the brand that is levi's.

  • Pr
    priyanshu kumar Jul 17, 2014

    I have bought a t-shirt from sarogini nagar levi's store n after the first wash colour of collar come on sleeves and in front.when i lodge a complain the store manager refused to accept it.so plz help me thought i m a regular customer of it.

    Thank you

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por material quality

On 01 april 2012 I have bought a pair of levi’s jeans (model 751) in a branch shop in poland (wrocław). After just a few months of normal wearing, the trousers got torn in the crotch. I gave the article to complaint, but unfortunately it has been rejected. The reason of rejection was "the result of the defect is not the fault material, it was generated as a result of the use by the customer (material usage)". Please explain to me, why should I be responsible for the poor quality of the materials used? When buying expensive, branded jeans from a known producer as levi’s, I would rather expect quite a few years of durability than just few months. If I did not care for the long-term usage of the goods, I would have bought any cheaper pants in a network store, or at the market nearby.
As a loyal and old customer of levis company, I am extremely disappointed not only with the recent quality of your products, but also with the customer service that your company allows itself. As far as i’m aware the product warranty (at least in poland) covers 2 years of usage. Thus only one year passed since I bought the 751 levi’s jeans (and I have worn them for not more than 7 months).

569 are no longer 569 and I am looking for a replacement

Been wearing levis for a very long time.in high school they had the student cut which was replaced by the loose fit which became the 569. Now they have been changing the 569 with no replacement and the quality standards have gotten very poor. Their sizes and cuts vary depending on the country they are manufactured. The ones made in china fit but the fabric is very thin. Egypt have bad stitching. Vietnam are cut short more like low riders. Mexico faded seem to still be the same for the light blue faded but the indigo blue are tight and the pockets are short. Cambodia uses a bright yellow thread and just looks bad. The ones from bangladesh seem to be the best but you will need one size larger in the waist but even then it is only the dark blue which have the 569 cut. The rest are cut more like the 559 with a higher inseam and a lower waist. I complained to levis and was asked to send them the 569 jeans had purchased. I did and even sent them an older pair of 569's, same color and country, so they could compare the 2 and see the differences. A few weeks later I got a "thank you for bringing it to our attention" letter and a 37.98 check with a note saying that was the msrp for the 569. Now I have not seen 569's sold at that price on-sale or even online for over 10 years. Are their any similar cut jeans by other manufactures to be a suitable replacement for the 569?

  • Sh
    shahi s Dec 10, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Last month i purchage levis jeans which defected, and back logo was duplicate.

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  • Ku
    kuldeep jain88 Jul 18, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased three shirt from Levis store and I found one shirt defective so I went for nearest shop to change it and they denied and said I have to visit same shop as a customer I feel very bad about it and I am not expecting it such a big brand but for me every penny is important ..

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  • Jo
    JoeJohnson043 Nov 30, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just purchased some replacement 569s and they are all basically skinny jeans with some extra room in the ankle...

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  • Ur
    urallfatmfers Apr 06, 2016

    Maybe you all need to cut back on the BigMacs...

    -5 Votes

poor qaulity

I've been a devout wearer of levi 501 jeans for 30+ years. I purchased a pair of 501's from jc penny inc...

annoying commercial

This commercial symbolizes a commercial for collage then it does clothes it has nothing to do with the levis jeans till the very end and the woman talks to fast it's annoying that commercial or more for musician or orchestra as well then for clothes good brand of jeans but very annoying commercial I remember when commercials used to make sense

jeans worn out

I have been using the levis brand for my jeans wear for more then 5 years in bangalore. Never had an issue with quality until recently. I had bought a jeans from there few months back [7 months] and used occassionally only on occassions. Hardly washed twice during this duration. Once while I wore it to a function my wife observed one of clip for belt was off. I just ignored her telling it must be due to poor stiching similiar to one on the back pocket on jeans. Later next time I realised that what was pointed by my wife earlier was none but cloth worn out case. And to my surprise, it wasn't one spot where it was happening. After carefully observing, I could see couple of places have been in same condition.
I have reported it to the life style store keeper. To which they took the piece for some testing by levi's supplier. Later store person called me to tell that this can not happen to their items which sold through this shop. Just a week back I have bought another piece of levi's, now to suprise it also has similiar case of cloth worn out at back pocket. I don't understand whats the use of buying this brand first of all, and that too from their store if they can service the complaints. I want them to replace both of my faulty piece's.
Understanding now how the levi's has become now, I would avoid shopping it next time.
- nitin/ bangalore/ [protected]/ [protected]

  • Vi
    vishwas mahajan 25 Jul 13, 2011

    we were gifted 2 pair of jeans of waist size 30... but when tried it was tight.. company denied the exchange for the the jeans were not available in same waist size..

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