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Well I was on on the app and a person who says it's ashely wilson, but really it's a guy due to u can tell when he took pictures of the car there is a shadow of a male, he scam me for 1200 witch now I wil not get back he created a fake ebay account and pretended he was from ebay. That person is a scam. Please do something about that person he will just keep scamming people for the money and that's not right. I was looking to buy a new car and now I don't even have money to buy a car so I have to start all over again because I don't believe I be able to get my 1200 back.


  • Updated by Nicole Liebzeit, Aug 20, 2019

    Today i went to check if the person the scam me still was doing it and he is still creating different account names to scam people. Something needs to be done because if y'all just delete his account he will keep making new once and reposting the pics and keep scamming people. He now had 2 different cars on this app and something had to happen either got police involved because that's what i had to do.

Aug 19, 2019
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  •   Aug 20, 2019

    Ashley is a male name as well as female.

    How did you pay for the car? Unless you were dumb enough to pay cash, you can get your money back.

    Did you get an address for the person? Did you see the car in person to verify the details? Did you get the license plate number?

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  • Ni
      Aug 20, 2019

    @SubSquirrel They created a eBay account and had me do gift cards like they are good at what they doing, because the. I called eBay and ask if they have anything and they said no he created a eBay account and portended to be eBay as well

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