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I was looking to buy an iPhone XS Max and I came across this person selling the phone for $600. I inquired him about it and he said that I had to pay him through Apple Pay and since he was working at the apple store in Rancho Cucamonga he had to order it and I could come pick it up to the store when ready. I paid him using Apple Pay and he gave me the address of the store and the time to come pick it up. He sent me his phone number and to text him when I came into the store so he can help me out and give me the phone. I text him when I was there and he had me waiting saying that his boss was there and he couldn't help me out to give him some time. He had me waiting at least an hour outside then told me to come another day because he was not going to be able to give me the phone. I told him that I didn't want any trouble just to return me the Money if he couldn't do it and he replied saying that he would return it using Apple Pay during his lunch. It's already been a week that he just keeps telling tomorrow for sure and never does it. Today he just stopped replying and marked the phone as sold on Letgo. What can I do about this issue??


Jun 12, 2019

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