[Resolved] Leon's Furniturepull up couch

L Aug 12, 2018

We bought a $2000 pull up couch sometime in March in which we have had issues ever since. The couch would lock in at random times and once to a point which required a technician to come over and have a look. It is the most uncomfortable and worst $2000 investment ever made. This was bought for guest purposes- which means it wasnt used at all times. I did not realize how uncomfortable t was until i spend a nighht sleep in that cheaply made product myself. I had a sore back for a week because of the bed/matress going in almost like a hammock. Having told the Leons customer service and management about the issues, they brought in two technicians and came to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with it-there isnt any defect?????? How can there not be a defect when the real make of it is a defect. These couches should be recalled if it is that they dont find anything wrong with what i had complained about. To this day no one uses the couch. Its uselesss to us and a waste lf $2000 from a company that we have spend thousands of doars for years now. They did not even give us the option of swaping it with another bed to see if it might be different. Very disspointed. Worst customer service. Worst experience. Entire family Has boycotted Leons!!

  • Resolution Statement

    They sent in a technician twice to check in and take oictures and came to the conclusion that there is nothing erong woth the bed and they cannot do anything-no swping it no exchange for something else.

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