LBC Expresscut-off time

2 Dec 18, 2019

Today, i have been to 3 LBC branches here in Pque with no success in sending out a parcel, one in Jaka plaza (branch closes at 7pm and i arrived at 6pm so i understood why theyplaced the cut off sign when i came in) the branch inside Puregold pque is off line for the nth time so i went to Waltermart branch w/c closes at 9pm. I arrived at the said branch at 635pm and was advised that they are no longer accepting any transactions. The lady supervisor was really nice and apologetic that they cant serve me anymore but i dont understand why since there are less than 20 people on queue and say a 10 min transaction is allotted for each person, i know that they can still serve me before the store closes.

LBC Express

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