Resolved Laura Ashley Curtain Tie Backsfaulty goods

I booked a Design Service with Laura Ashley 2 years ago for approx £200, the deal (in writing) was that after the service, should I want to purchase any goods, I would get 25%-40% reduction, depending on the amount spent, and I had a year to make my purchases.

Within the year, I went in to but some curtains and tie backs - I had gone in to buy more, but the staff told me that this Design Service discount had been withdrawn. No-one told me!

I paid full price, with cash.

Within 6 months one tie back had broken. I went back to the store and they were very unhelpful but did agree to exchange the pair. I exchanged them for a 'rope' pair as I thought these looked sturdier.

Within 4 months one of these had broken, I can't find the receipt anywhere, and they are refusing to refund or exchange. Both these sets of tie backs cost £50. I am furious that they are charging extortionate prices for shoddy goods that will last no more than 4 months.

I didn't keep the receipt because I thought Laura Ashley were a reliable company selling top quality products. I can assure you they are not, and the customer service both on the phone and in the store was very dismissive...almost accusational!

I can only hope that those who read this article think twice about shopping at Laura Ashley. Over priced, bad quality and rude staff.

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