Latam Airlines JJ8186senior lady with limited mobility left alone after arrival latam orlando, fl

S Oct 26, 2019

To Who my Concern,
Yesterday on the flight JJ8186 coming from Sao Paulo to Orlando my mother Maria Cristina Rodrigues Pedrozo 70years old was lost after she left the airplane Latam airlines alone with no wheel chair porter to guide her thru customs and safely to me.
My mother have heart problem and could had a heart attack after the panic moments walking alone on the Orlando airport with bag of medications looking for me with no English. Its her 4th time in USA always come with Azul airlines and NEVER i had any issues, she always come with someone in the wheel chair for me. When i saw my mother on the medlle of some many people coming in direction baraly walking shaking and crying my heart hurted and my bloor boiled. Who does that??? airlines tickets its no cheap, what type of training you give to your flight crew? How inresposable was that? thanks God my mother is with me now but could happened the worst with the scared moments of lost she had. I called customer services today to report this horrible situation and the awnser was no complains acceptable over the phone and I asked for a superviser and the person said not one to speak with me. I dont have words to discribe how Im feeling about this situation. I will wait for someone to call me, but if this company dont care about this type of situation I will do everything need to the world know how you guys treat Senior traveling alone.

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