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We have recently travelled from Sydney Australia on a code share (Qanats flight) LA800
We departed Sydney on Friday 11th October after a considerable delay and managed to land in Auckland at a reasonable time to transfer to the continuing flight to Santiago.
As we were about to disembark we were advised that the next flight had been cancelled. No instruction was given on what to do and we had to pick up our bags and complete immigration into NZ to get to the Service desk to arrange a new flight It was only after some pressure that we were allocated to a new flight (LA1164) and we were advised that we would make our connection to Sao Paulo.
Upon arrival in Santiago we were told by the onboard flight attendant to go straight to the departure gate for our flight (QF3915 - LA ??) but despite runnng through the entire terminal. No service was offerd to tellus where to go or to advise the next flight we were on our way. On arrivel at the departure gate we were tole the flight was closed and to go back to the Service desk
There was a significant queue at the Service desk and it took us 2.5 hrs to get seen. The scenario could only be described as chaotic.
Eventually we were rebooked on flight LA8143 to Sao Paolo which has resulted in us having to travel all night and lose a hotel booking in the process.
The key points are -
It was clearly known before we departed Sydney that the ongoing flight from Auckland had been cancelled
No assitance was provided in Auckland to facilitate transfer
It was evident that we would not make our connection in Santiago, but ongoing biarding passes and luggage transfer were made
No support staff were provided in Santiago to facilitate connections or rebooking
The sevice desk was under staffed and overwhelmed by a situation that had been going on for the previous 24 - 30 hrs. Why was no provision made for the ensuing chaos.
We are Life time Sapphire members of One World and paid a significant amount of money to fly Business Class on your airline. Yet the poor service (aircraft breakdown) and chaotic service support is just not good enough.
I will leave it to you to consider what recompense we should receive, but urge you, for the sake of myself and many others to get your act together or you will be losing a number of customers

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    Flight LA 8143 that was the alternate booking for the flight we missed as a result of the issues noted previously - was a joke!
    Allocated Premium Economy seats ( as we paid for) the plane was set up for economy only. The crew were unaware of the seating arrangement and ticketing numbers, I has Seat 2 K which did not physically exist it was labelled 2 E (My wife had 2L which was actually 2 F)
    The seating was below normal economy standards with my knees hard up against the seat in front and little room to store carry on. In my 40 years of flying I can honestly say this was the worst seat configuration I have come across) and totally unacceptable for the money paid.(refer photos)
    Upon arrival in Sao Paulo it was evident that my bag was missing (although my wife's bag arrived) -I registered for lost luggage and was told it was still in Santiago (despite the fact that I had checked and confirmed with the service desk there prior to leaving)
    Due to the delays in waiting for baggage that did not arrive and registering it as lost we then missed our connecting flight with GOL to Vitoria.
    The earliest replacement flight was with LATAM in the afternoon which we had to book and pay for ourselves.

    cancelled flights
    cancelled flights
Oct 11, 2019

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