LATAM Airlines / LAN Airlinesagents applying rules

I Dec 31, 2019

I came back today for a round trip to Mendoza Argentina. We all know that rules are necessary but that we need a clever person to know how to apply them.
On my way to Mendoza from New York, we took 2 carryon bags with no problem.
In Mendoza on the way back an agent I believe Raul Salinas took on himself to apply the rules. As a result, I (85 yo) was left without medications and many of the necessary things for the trip. According to him, the two carry on bags were outside the limit for 1". As a result, they were sent as baggage.
No person (police) with more than 2 neurons will give a ticket to a driver because was driving at 31 miles in a 30 miles limit speed.
I and the rest of my group, 5 in total, suffered during the trip because of the lack of judgment by this arrogant agent.
LATAM is a good company but, because agents like this one make a great trip a calamity

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