Purchased 2 tickets to Universal Studios via Received an email confirmation that I was told was a "voucher" that I must present at US to get tickets. Upon bringing the "voucher" to US, I was told that it wasn't, in fact, a voucher. Simply an email from stating I bought 2 tickets from their website. There was no barcode to validate the tickets and the entire box office at US said they had not encountered this company before. When I called's supposed "Customer Service" line and explained my situation (I was standing at the park waiting to get in), the "rep" was of no help and claimed that the ENTIRE box office (including the manager and the manager's manager) were improperly trained. He offered no help and was rude. He said I had to file a complaint by email to get refunded. I sent in an email but received no response. I called again and was told I had to email.

A company that takes your money and gives you no tickets in return? A company that has a fake "Customer Service" line/email? DO NOT USE

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