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I Oct 29, 2019

I'd like to make a formal complaint with and request a full refund for one set of flights booked of value £479.46 for flight number [protected].

I tried booking around 5 times with the website to book flights from Bali- Cairns. For each flight, the website clearly said that the booking was declined and that I should try again. Each time I tried, it showed up as a pending payment to on my bank statements and therefore I could not distinguish which payments if any had gone through. As it happens, one of the payments did go through even though the website clearly stated that it had been declined.

I then booked another ticket thinking that this had not gone through later that day - booking number [protected] for Bali- cairns which went through.

Only the next day when I could see what payments had gone through properly could I see that 2 payments had gone through my credit card.

I only wanted to book 1 set of flights and would not have booked another if the website hadn't advised that the booking had gone through on the first flight I booked.

This is a lot of money to me and I really need this back as I believe that I am not at fault here and was led to believe that I had only booked one set of flights.

Please can I therefore have a full refund of £479.46 for the first set of flights.

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