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D Jul 27, 2019 Review updated:

I made a booking in January for 2 hotel rooms that I then unfortunately had to cancel . I had checked before booking that I could cancel up to the day before.
I did so via the phone and received an email advising the hotel had confirmed my cancellation and the refund would be in my bank in the next few days .

I am now on day 17 and no refund. I have been told different stories by different agents, yesterdays agent told me it was processed and would definitely be in my account today . Guess what, no refund.

Today's agent has tole me it will be 8 weeks once they receive it - from who?

I said I would contact the hotel only to be told no point as they wont know anything about it????????
I asked who had got my money only to be told they are not allowed to tell me ?
Seriously, who has got my money ??

I will be expecting interest on for every day its held as I would be getting interest from my saving account of the money was in there
How do I get my money back and why are the agents allowed to tell you anything they want ?


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      Aug 10, 2019

    I booked my flight tickets in February 2019 but in earlier June, I got email to tell me that one of my flights had been cancelled by airline and ridiculously asked me to contact airline by myself, and the worst was they gave me a invalid contact numbers. So I called and emailed lastminute. com customer service many times, to cancel my flight ticket and get refund at their options, but they are so inefficient and unprofessional, only waste my time and they don't communicate properly between each other, different agents said different stories. They promised to get me refund in 7days, 8 weeks or whatever the customer service answer you perfunctorily. Until now I finished my holiday I still didn't get my refund as they promised, and I lost almost 600 euros for nothing. It's been my worst ever experience for buying flight tickets online, believe me, do NOT buy anything from lastminute. com, its absolutely nightmare.

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