Lastminute.comagentia h accommodation/ scam


Booking at Agentia H Accommodation, Bucharest- Romania

I booked and paid online for 4 nights through . After traveling to Bucharest and reaching the address as indicated in my booking confirmation, I had to spend hours trying to reach someone from their number to make me check in without success. Although before I arrived I tried to call but nobody took the phone number indicated.

In the end I had to walk with my tongue in a city I don't know to look for another accommodation!

I wonder if in my place there was a person who couldn't afford to pay for another home or an elderly person with health problems, what would happen to him/her? !

This happened about a week ago and FYI, until today NONE of H Accomodation called to check my arrival / stay or to say welcome to Bucharest. . .

Oct 01, 2019

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