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On Boxing Day I went to the Bathurst and bloor location to get some deals!waited in the freezing rain! Was denied to use credit! Store said they were not accepting credit ! No where was this stated in the flyer or advertisement!lost my doorcrasher deals! Called the finch location they told me of course credit was accepted and the bloor location should have never denied credit! I went to the finch location asap the same day but lost out on my doorcrashers. But I bought over $3500 I stuff! The Samsung washing machine set 2 TVs and mattresses! Well less then a year passed and my washer broke called to have it seen! Technician came out was told it was a faulty machine he had to submit the request ! I have a new born and a elderly disabled mother so daily laundrywashing is a must! It took over 8 weeks of fighting with bad boy and Samsung over fixing my machine! I had to spend$30 plus daily going to the laundry mat to do my laundry! Unacceptable!! I had to constantly call bad boy and Samsung daily!!!The product badboy is selling has parts that Samsung no longer makes so parts had to be obtain from who knows where which took way too long! Bad boy shouldn't be selling customers crappy products! Badboy never called to apologize or offer any type of compensation for my difficult situation! Samsung blamed badboy andbadboy blamed Samsung and I was out over$30 a day for over8 weeks do the math that's astronomical!! So disgusted with it all!! Bad boy and Samsung don't care about anybody but there sales!

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    Actually before buying such set I informed the sales rep of my usage and he suggested that such set! My loads are not big however the need to wash items oils of great importance especially will soiled items! I would have liked to be treated with respect by both companies and not been hung up upon or purposely disconnected! If it weren’t for me calling to inquire on my parts I would still be waiting! I did however purchase the extended gold warranty too! Let’s hope it doesn’t break down again! Sometimes curtesy goes a long way!

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    On Nov 17/2017 I went to the Bad Boy superstore located at 1255finch ave west.
    I purchased a Brand New sectional couch set!
    I had a credit note due to a defective 3 piece couch set I purchased prior! On Nov22 nd 2017 the delivery men arrived . Picked up the old 3 piece set . They brought the new sectional set it up and it was damaged!! I didn't buy a used sectional!😡The delivery men stated it's damaged I need to call the store! I immediately called the store and talked to the manager! He stated this was unacceptable and he'd rectify it ! Well it's Dec 1st 2017 and I still have the damaged sectional! I even sent pics of the damaged sectional to Agent 3 on the delivery date which was absurd I needed to do so when it's the store sending me damaged goods!! Bad Boy Boy has never contacted me since! I have called every single day and asked to speak to the manager who is never available and never returns my calls! I've called the service dept and left messages and have never been contacted! Today Dec 1st was the last straw I called and was placed on hold for the manager and another rep answered stated the manager was busy and was hung up on!!!😡😡😡I'm disgusted! Who hangs up on a customer! I bought a BRAND NEW SECTIONAL. And I deserve to get it!! Not damaged Furniture!😡


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      Nov 29, 2017

    Hi Ms. Tania.

    It's unfortunate that you're having such difficult problems within a year after your purchase. Any product will have a potential of breakdown before the consumer believes it should. The retailer, unless purchased with such a guarantee, is never obligated to cover broken equipment even if the breakage is during the warranty period.

    Is Bad Boy and Samsung in business to make a profit? Absolutely! There is nothing wrong with that. The important concern is that both entities deal with the consumer on a fair bases. As much as one may not purchase a product with the assumption of having an issue so soon, Samsung never guaranteed that it wouldn't happen; only that if it did, the cover the cost of repairs. Bad Boy then offers addition service coverage in the case that something should happen and what, as a consumer, you would like them to do. This service coverage costs a little more, but many find it can be worth it.

    Admittedly, you're using the washer a great deal more than the average consumer. I'd dare say that you're using it so much, it's like you live in front of it -- of course, there's nothing wrong with that at all. But in your case, you may just want to set enough funds aside to replace the unit(s) the moment they go out. It's likely not even worth calling for service considering you just said you dropped nearly $1700 into laundry during the time they were servicing these.

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