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I purchased a custom made $400.00 Larson door seven years ago from The Home Depot in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio. My door developed bubbles at the bottom and soon began to eat through the core of the door. The door had a 10 year warranty on it and the bottom portion ate right through the door, so you could almost see right through it. Larson's warranty was not explanatory and the customer would normally believe that they would receive a complete new door with the warranty Larson Doors has. I was shocked to have found out that Larson Door warranty consisted of the customer having to pay $25 to receive a 'core' only from the door. It would be the customer's responsibility to remove the hardware, Z-bar, handle, windows, screens, etc from the old door and drill holes and place the old hardware into the new core that would arrive by Fed Ex. What a joke that was! I would have had to hire a handy man to drill holes in a new core and who would place old hardware on a new door? It wouldn't be worth the trouble to get the new core.

I found that Larson Doors was extremely difficult to contact. When I called their number, I received a recording saying that they were busy and to go to the online website. When I went to the online website and tried filling out the form, everything was deleted, because there was a problem with their website and I was not able to submit my information, so I had to start all over again.

Larson doors requires a lot of information when filling out their form. The customer must take pictures of their door, the damaged area, the corner of the door where the Larson symbol is, and the outside of their door. Then, the customer must measure the door, but not the complete door. They must present accurate measurements, or they lose, because if the door arrives and the customer did not measure correctly, it's the customer's fault.

Larson Doors makes it hard on the customer on purpose, so the customer gives up and doesn't take advantage of the warranty. I found them to be a big hassle.

I called Home Depot and expressed my feelings on this and how upset I was at the hassle that Larson Doors was giving me. Home Depot said that's why they stopped dealing with Larson Doors. In spite of Home Depot not carrying Larson Doors anymore, Home Depot cared about customer service and before I knew it, they called me, came to visit my home, and placed a new door on my house from Anderson and gave me a whole new warranty. I can't express my thanks enough to Home Depot and to Dan, Frank, and the rest of the crew for handling matters in such a professional and satisfying way. Thumbs up to Brookly Heights, Ohio Home Depot.


  • Ha
    hawkeyebob Dec 16, 2009

    I had a core replaced at no charge a few years ago - well within the 10 yr window that was great. It was a pain switching the door out but I managed

    Now I have a broken handle. The warranty doesn't specifically exclude the handle, but the one they read me over the phone did. How convenient for them to rewrite the warranty.

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  • Jx
    JxFla Jan 23, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I wish I had read all these complaints before I purchased my Larson storm door.

    First, the core failed after 2 years - was replaced at no cost, except for shipping, but I had to pay an installer.

    Now, 7 years later, the hinges failed, despite the hydraulic door closer for protection. Since model no longer available, and hinge installation totally different, I had to purchase all new assembly - frame and all. - No warranty honored. I'm going to have to pay installer again.

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  • Jo
    Joe12321 Mar 20, 2016

    Was your door a wood core door? If so what do you expect? Buy an aluminum door and see how long that lasts. Mine is going on 18 years and looks great!! I will buy nothing but a larson door!

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  • Ra
    racer 49 Jan 17, 2017
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    I Bought two Larsen storm doors, and one of them the aluminum around the bottom is oxidizing (rotting). it supposedly has a "lifetime warranty". When I called the company, they said I had to pay a $30. shipping fee & all im going to get is the core. I have to replace all of the parts myself. don't get me wrong, Im capable of doing it BUT I refuse to pay anything on something thats has a lifetime warranty. Next storm door will NOT be a Larsen. in my previous house I had a Andersen storm door & had a problem, And the company sent a service rep out & replaced the whole door free of charge. THATS a lifetime warranty.

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  • Ty
    typenamehere Sep 05, 2018

    Do not buy a storm door from Larson. Fogs up all the time so you can't enjoy a view through the door. When I called to discuss, they simply dismissed me, were very condescending with statements like "let's take a step back, am I explaining it so you can understand". Unacceptable customer interactions. I will spread the word to anyone and everyone.

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  • Me
    Meeter May 05, 2019

    I bought 2 storm doors less than 6 months old and both are swelling on the bottom due to wicking up because they are open on the bottom, what a stupid design, why are they still selling them ???

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