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Lane Furniture Complaints & Reviews

Lane Furniture / loveseat and couch

Jen999 on Oct 4, 2017
I thought that Lane was a company that stood by there furniture but I guess I was wrong. I purchased a couch and loveseat at Darvin furniture in 2013 which was a big purchase for me. My love seat is pealing so bad I am embarrassed to have people over. And I noticed that the metal bar...

Lane Furniture / two leather recliners are peeling

CraigSoup on Aug 18, 2017
I guess I will join the many other customers that purchase a Lane product expecting to have it for years. Obviously this is not the case. The so called "leather" material is not really leather, but is peeling and cracking all over the seat and leg portions of the recliner. I have had these...

Lane Furniture / imitation leather double reclining sofa and loveseat

johnniedf on Aug 16, 2017
The material on both lane products started peeling after a year and half of product use the love seat was so bad at two years that I removed it from my living room while couch which had occasional use is now peeling. They were purchased in late 2014 on line and delivered to my home. I...

Lane Furniture / sofa, loveseat & recliner

Pamela J. Kennedy on Jul 6, 2017
On November 16, 2015 I purchased: (Delivered Jan.1, 2016) 1 Double reclining sofa #310-39 1 Double reclining loveseat #310-29 1 Rocker recliner #210-98 I also purchased the extended warrant for all 3 pieces. I chose "Lane" because of its reputation of quality furniture. My problems began on...

Lane Furniture / "glid" serial #021902518

Karenvan2 on Jun 22, 2017
In late 2014, my mother purchased, on my recommendation, a recliner/rocker/swivel chair identified on the slip attached to the chair as a "glid." Other information on the slip is: Our order number 547554 Customer order number 110134 Serial number 021902518 Ship date 12/4/13 The chair was fine for...

Lane Furniture / "leather" loveseat

Elizabeth80 on Jun 7, 2017
We purchased an electric reclining Loveseat & Sofa about 5 years ago from a local furniture store. A couple months ago we started to notice the material peeling away on the Loveseat. The Sofa has not shown any of this wear yet. I have contracted Lane and they said it was not under warranty...

Lane Furniture / lane "leather"?? dual reclining loveseat.

Sonolady13 on May 13, 2017
I purchased a Lane dual reclining leather love seat a few years ago and it has started peeling. I thought I had purchased a leather coach from a reputable manufacturer and was quite shock when this started happening. I also own 2 leather couches, that I had made from Leather Creations in...

Lane Furniture / recliner with peeling cover

Beth Goldman on May 6, 2017
This is to let you know that I once thought Lane to be a quality product. I no longer view Your company to be a quality producer. My recliner is three years old and the bottom is peeling out of it. It looks horrible!!! The warranty states the fabric/materials that you chose to represent...

Lane Furniture / couch leather peeling apart

jt1021 on Aug 29, 2016
Sold FAKE Leather- Lane Recliner and TWO Couches Purchased two full size couches with recliners built in and matching recliner which were special ordered in 'leather'.I ordered two full size couches as my living room is large and this fit better. I just made the last payment on the...

Lane Furniture / reclining sofa with electric controls

PJM03 on Aug 18, 2016
Bought a Lane leather reclining sofa (reclines on two ends but stationary in the middle) the end of 2015 from Design Center Furniture in Orange, California. Order number is 26441 dtd. 12/27/15. Rec'd delivery of the sofa 4/03/16. Started having problems with the left side reclining...

Lane Furniture / power recliners paid for but not delivered

Greg Langston on Jul 18, 2016
We ordered 2 power recliners and a couch from Lane Furniture through Tehachapi Furniture around the end of February. The order was clearly spelled out. Lane manufactured and delivered 2 manual recliners and couch late by three weeks. We accepted the couch but asked Tehachapi Furniture to...

Lane Furniture / benson faux leather loveseats

Debra Hefner VanEerd on Jul 12, 2016
I purchased 2 Benson Faux Leather loveseats, from Sofas and Sectionals, in 2013. After 2 years, the fabric started to blister on the back cushions, then completely peel away. This was supposed to be sturdy, pet friendly furniture. There is nothing sturdy about this. The leather-like fabric...

Lane Furniture / wall hugger recliner

Reviewer73964 on Jan 26, 2016
We purchased two wall hugger recliners about a year ago. We have had bolts fall out of the working mechanism on each recliner. I had to purchase more bolts since two were missing from the factory. My wife has a burgundy one and it bleeds microfiber where he feet go and it is very ugly...

Lane Furniture / do not warranty product!!!

Reviewer45385 on Dec 9, 2015
We bought a leather sofa and chair with ottoman about 4 years ago. Recently the chair which no one sits in started peeling on the back of chair, then it has started peeling on the sofa seats, arms of sofa, and ottoman. It looks terrible. I contacted Lane furniture submitted all photo...

Lane Furniture / benson sofa fabric failure

DH1968 on Dec 6, 2015
We purchased the Lane Benson living room set in a dark brown faux leather (sofa, chair, recliner, ottoman) in summer 2012 from an online store. The first set arrived with a busted couch and chair (looked like it had been thrown off the truck) and damage to all pieces on the corners etc...

Lane Furniture / action recliner

Reviewer21798 on Nov 14, 2015
We purchased an action recliner from Johnny Janosik. In less than two years, the fabric is peeling. I have contacted the store and they said we had to contact Lane ...I have emailed two complaints in the last 3 weeks and they do not respond. Having seen numerous other complaints and...

Lane Furniture / sectional sofa

Robin White on Oct 2, 2015
There is not enough padding in the arms. After 1 year the metal has pushed through and torn the fabric. There is also a large indention in the arm which should be padded. Loved my Lane sectional that I replaced after 18 years. I purposefully waited until I could find similar sofa and expected same quality. Very disappointed.

Lane Furniture Decorah / leather recliner serial # 021794605 merchant # 000016737493

Reviewer43762 on Sep 28, 2015
Our children purchased a lovely dark brown leather recliner for my husband's birthday. Within a few months the leather cording on the arm rests were wearing off. I contacted the furniture store and included photos of the chair as well as the identifying numbers on the chair and the...

Lane Furniture / cracked and torn fabric

Melody & Jim on Mar 17, 2015
I filed a complaint with Marie Richardson on 2/23/15 and they have denied helping me because I have owned the Double Reclining Sofa for over four years. As you can see by the photos, the cheap polyester fabric, which is paper thin, is tearing away from the pad sheet by sheet. It is also...

Lane Furniture / dangerous double recliner

Amanitakrisa on Nov 27, 2014
My mom v=bought a brand new lane double recliner loveseat in the spring.When we got it home, that night we found out that if two {or later, even one!} people were sitting in it, in the recline position, and one of the persons leaned forward the l=slightest bit? The WHOLE UNIT would tip...

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