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Lancaster children and youth violated our entire family's rights. They deemed our entire family including aunts, uncles and grandparents on both sides of our family all unfit to get my grandchildren. They are not here to help people or to keep family's together. It's run mostly by young girls that have no children of their own or even know the first thing about children. The woman that runs children and youth is the most unprofessional ignorant woman I've ever met. While I'm court she screamed at the family like some kind of maniac and put our family business out for everyone in the courthouse to hear. They had one goal and one goal only right from the start and that was to take our children away from everyone they know and love and put them into foster care. Why would they do that when they had an entire family that wants and loves these children more then anything and all willing to take the children? They literally stalked us. They treated the whole family like we are the scum of the earth. They had no respect for us or the children. They are supposed to be helping families but all's they do is destroy them. My heart is so broken. My grandchildren were here one day and gone the next because of these monsters. They never once treated the children even like people with feelings. They have been moved all around from place to place. Nobody cares in that organization about those kids or what they have put and are still putting them through. The entire case was handled so poorly. They straight out lied in their report about many of the things that they were holding against us. They also included information that was totally irrelevant to anything to do with the case whatsoever in an effort to make the parents look as bad as they possibly could. I'm very offended by the things they said and the fact that they lied and were not able to prove most of what they were reporting because it just wasn't true. We have proof of most of things he things they lied about and would be happy to share with anyone to prove what we are saying. Nobody will listen to us at all and nobody wants to hear our side of what's going on. People just blindly listen and believe them because they should be people we can respect and look up to. Unfortunately that is not true for the Lancaster children and youth. We tried to go through the proper channels to complain about what we first thought just must be a problem with the caseworker but only found out that the corruption runs deep and the whole way up the chain of command in the Lancaster office. When I met the woman running the place it became perfectly clear why that place is run the way it is. She needs fired for the things she has done and a complete overhaul done to that office. I can go on and include so many examples and show proof to my claims. Anybody that will listen we would be more then happy to meet with you to continue with our claims and allegations we have against them. They have to be stopped before they destroy more families and more children get put through the living hell that my grandchildren had to endure at the hands of the people whose job is to save and protect children. That's not at all what is happening. I have so much to say I couldn't begin to include it all here. If there is anybody that still believes in doing the right thing please feel free to call us at any time regarding this matter. Now we get to spend all our money on lawyers and legal fees to fight to bring our children back home where they belong all because children and youth playing god with our kids lives. They have their mind already made up before they ever even know the situation.

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