Ladbrokesslots machine rip off

H Nov 30, 2015

my sister and, my self used the slots kingreole and tai flowers and more on the friday wee went back to the shop on saturday 9.00mqachine wee put in there was almost two grand when wee complained the staff agred with us the manger said he had been there three years and never seen jackpot for king reole and could not belive tai flowers never went on to bonus also wee were told if you use your bank card take halfe in cash back and put in the machine your selfwhen trying it it made a big diffrence so asked them to get intouch with head office they said they did it was flashing alert but no repl, ay next day same again no customer care replay so i phoned my self and was told machine are not ladbrokes get staff to phone oners i was not amushed told her i came in to ladbrokes no notice tell us the machines were not theres every body is trying to pass the buck but im raggeing does ladbrokes have no complaint procedures or are they not tained to the size opff that company i cant belive they dont care

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