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I attempted to put a bet on for the Grand National. I am a single mother with a three year old. I have not entered a Ladbrokes or any betting establishment for years. Certainly never with my son, I had no idea young children are not allowed in when you make a bet. I do not have an issue with that though, I entered Ladbrokes inEaling Broadway unaware of the rules related to age restricitions. a woman called Kim (she would not give me her surname when I said I would submit a complaint) was rude and aggressive when I entered the betting establishment with my son. I think she needs to work on her communication skills. The matter needs to be addressed with her she was so rude!) my email is [protected] (Stephanie Carruthers) please contact me so I know the issue has been addressed.


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Jun 27, 2021 5:28 am

They are very Hostile if you feel you have been discriminated against contact the police ladbrokes do not like police intervention as this is registered as a crime stastitic

Ladbrokes staff in my view are very hostile and cause nothing but problems with customers one is described as having blond hair and works at the shop in 105 Hope St, Glasgow G2 6LL she apparently tries to be very clever she explained you can only stay in the shop for 15 minutes I just said ok if you feel you have been treated unfairly or been discriminated with you can contact

apparently its blatant descriminination and you should be able to get legal aid for a civil case against Ladbrokes please check it out in reality Ladbrokes are apparently very silly and I did give a lot of evidence to the Westminster Gov regarding the FOBTS which has now been reduced to £2.00 a stake my colleagues recently appeared on News night on Television explaining about FOBT machines, I have every faith more action will follow against Ladbrokes if you feel you are being intimidated you can contact the police Ladbrokes do not like police intervention as this is recorded as a crime statistic and will go against them for future licensing under the gaming board for Great Brittan anyhow I hope this info helps remember keep a note of everything they say or at Ladbrokes and it will go against for future gaming enterprises on a finally point Ladbrokes coral which is now amalgamated have been fined 4.4 million GBP as a gambling addict gambled away 98, 000 thousand GBP I hope these comment will help any future problems with this apparent betting company named Ladbrokes

Aug 15, 2013 8:35 am

i made out a betting slip yesterday as follows England v Scotland Wellbeck to score, England to win the manager took the bet and wrote 11/2 on it. When i went to the shop today i was not paid when asked why not i was told welbeck was have to had scored first. Surley this should have been explained to me when i put the bet on whoever the manager was very rude to me and told me to bugger off several times and his colleague just sat there laughing. i was quite offended and left the shop. The Manager in question is richard at the sangley road outlet in Catford london se6.


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