Ladbrokes Coralcashier behaviour

R Nov 25, 2017

I was at your Montrose ladbrokes branch today, cashier JENNI was really very rude to me. I go there frequently to place my husbands bets and normally the staff are very helpful and pleasant. I also use your shops where ever we are in town/city also corals and I have never experienced anything like today.
The shop was reasonably busy, but the counter was quiet, I approached Jenni and asked for best prices on my husbands bets, he also has a grid card, on the counter a sign stating to ask staff for help on this is placed on very shop counter, so I assumed it is not a problem to do so. Her reply shocked me, she muttered something about she'd just do a price at the time thing and not each one individually, as they were busy. I looked around and although there were customers there were none behind me or st the other cashier. She then said OK then but it will take me a while, my husband had 5-6 slips to be priced amounting to £40. While I waited on her doing her job, there was only one customer she had to serve in front of me, and the other cashier managed to get the other 3 customers bets on without a hassle...while also managing to get her a coffee, see to the heating and sort out a machine for a customer. All the while she kept muttering that "they needed a screen there for the customer to do it themselves", and when she'd finished "thank god that's it!" She then put the bets through and I gave her my husbands winning slips to take off, to which I got another huge sigh and a huff! When I paid the difference there was no "please" or "thankyou" infact she didn't even say a word. All in all this process took around 7mins...and I can assure you it could have been a lot less too if she had been diligent in her work, and a lot less sniggering and muttering to her colleague infront of me.
As we travel around different places, and my husband has a bet most days, we are either in Ladbrokes or Corals, I have never come across behaviour like this and find it very disrespectful.
I do understand Saturday's can be times...and have experienced this in city shops such as Dundee and Perth, however JENNI wants to be transferred there to see what being Very Busy is.
And does Jenni not understand if it wasn't for the walk in customers there wouldn't be a need for her to be there either...maybe it is the way to go.
Yours sincerely
Mrs Rosemary Burton

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