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I have been going in bookmakers for years, and never have i been spoken to like that before.
i have just split up from my wife of 27 years, so was just keeping myself to myself.
went up to the counter looked away from the cashier at the time, there was a lady standing to the left of me i just smiled, then turned and put my bet on.
moving over to the side of the shop out of the way of anyone, the gil walked from the back of the shop with the lady. i looked across and the cashier starred glaring at me
i looked behind me wondering who she was looking at, and realised it was me, so i just smiled and raised my eyebrowsas i smiled.
she said what do you keep staring at me for, i replied i'm not staring at you, she replied yes you do and keep looking at me it's very unnerving, and i don't like it, this was in the shop. And i said have you got a problem she replied yer you keep staring at me, i replied i aint starring at you, carry on like that and you will have a problem. The other lady said something to the cashier and she said loud enough for people to hear, i don't know maybe he's a wierdo, now that in my book is slandering someones character, even other ladbrokes staff said that hazel in connaught avenue frinton- on -sea. i use to live in the west midlands and use ladbrokes when it was in merryhill aubery was the manager then. he moved to quinton west midlands and i use to see him now and again we use to talk i'm sure he would tell you i'm a genuine person. i would like this matter resolved as i cannot go in that shop again, and it's making me feel uneasy. many thanks warren.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Mar 21, 2012 4:34 pm EDT
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Warren thats what she wants mate, look keep going in that shop and iam sure she will leave dont bow down to some stupid woman thinking she can walk over you stand your ground man

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