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Gr Mar 5, 2019

On September 19, 2018 my husband made a reservation (Conf. # [protected]) to stay at the LaQuinta in Jupiter, Fl from 2-24-19 thru 3-01-19.

After driving over 1, 000 miles to get there, we were told that we could not stay in the room we had reserved and that someone else was in it. They gave us a little, broken down room for the night. The room was so small that we were stubbing our toes on the wheels on the bed just to get by, although I was happy they didn't turn us away comletely.

The next morning we were told that was the room we were going to have to keep our entire stay. We had booked a two room suit originally. I called customer service (1-855-250-6469) and told them the situation. They told me we would hear from someone withint 24 to 48 hours. We needed to be somewhere later that day and had pets in the room that could not come with us. We did not have 24-48 hours to wait for an answer. The lady I spoke with on the phone told me to be sure the LaQuinta did not charge us for that first night because it was not what we had booked.

I went to the front desk and eventually we were given a regular king room but I was told we could only stay there until Thursday because it was reserved for someone else. I was told they couldn't kick them out. I reminded the clerk that they had kicked us out and that we had our reservation for five months.

Wednesday morning my husband called guest services and explained our situation. He also made them aware of us having to be kicked out of the room. We we were told they would respond within 24-48 hours. Friday morning was 48 hours later and no one had ever gotten back to us. We had been given an open guest assistance reference number [protected].

They did not kick us out and we were able to stay there until March 1.

We had arranged, when we originally made our reservations, to use our points toward the room. The two room suit was 11, 000 per night with an additional $30.00. Although the king was 11, 000 per night and NO ADDITIONAL FEE, the front desk insisted on charging us because it was on our reservation. Our reservation was for a two room suit - hence the $30.00 charge. What we got was a king room, not an executive, just a king. These have no additional charge.

The desk absolutely would not change their mind and we had to pay the $169.00. We immediately called our credit card compay and emailed them all the documentation, i.e., photos of the reservation, the LaQuinta sheet showing points plus $ for which room and the bill we received.

After we paid the $169.00 in order to leave, we called the points rewards number and were told they could only offer 3, 000 points for reimbursement on the first room. Eventually they did refund us our entire 11, 000 points after my husband got extremely insistent.

We are elite members (P09282613) and have stayed with LaQuinta countless times. We have never had such problems.

I would appreciate hearing from someone and I would also appreciate some kind of compensation in some form.


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La Quinta Inns & Suites
La Quinta Inns & Suites

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